Dec 16, 2007

Maximize Message Pane 1.0.00b1

MMP is designed to work on default Thunderbird: no extension and default theme. So, it will not work if an extension which changes layout of Thunderbird. In this version, I've added new hidden option to solve this issue. Note that this option is added for advanced users who can customize Thunderbird.

You can use this option by the following steps:
  1. download MMP1.0.00b1 and install it
  2. find out IDs of XUL elements you want to collapse by DOM Inspector etc.
  3. open Config Editor
  4. create new string pref: maxmsgpane.usr_idlist
  5. set the IDs to its value (multiple IDs are set by using "," as separator)
  6. restart Thunderbird
For example, if you want to collapse the status bar, set status-bar as the pref's value.

This option is experimental. It may be removed in future release.

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