Mar 27, 2008

AMO Redesign

New AMO has launched. The site is rearranged and improved usability. You can see sandbox pages, where you could not see in the previous version of AMO without login, even if you do not sign up an account for AMO; of course you have to login to download an addon in a sandbox. Moreover, you can know how many times an addon is downloaded in a week. It is very useful information for searching nice addons.

In addtion to the redesign, the new AMO provides new tools called statistics dashboard for developers. Addon developers could know total and weekly downloads in a developer page. The new tools newly include the number of active users, users' environments, versions of Firefox/Thunderbird etc. The information is very valuable for improving addons. Only developers can access it in default but if they make public it, users can see it too. If you want to see information of my extensions, please add comment to this post. I'll push it public page if many users want to see.

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