Apr 8, 2008

Feature request and support thread

This is support and discussion thread about my extensions.
Please feel free to post your comments here, including feature requests, questions and bug reports.

Please include the following information when you ask questions or report bugs:
  • OS
  • version of an extension
  • version of Thunderbird
  • installed extensions
  • installed themes
  • error messages in an error console
The error console can be opend by Tools->Error Console menu. I've developed several add-ons. Please write the add-on name you want to mention, too.


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Marie said...


I'm trying to set up the Google Contacts, but syncing fails with the following output (console):
Retrieving Google Contacts ...
Serial: 0
start listening ...
URI is moz-abmdbdirectory://abook-2.mab
First sync done: false
Sync mode: 0
Add listener
Reload contacts every 1 hours.
[Auth] 200: OK
[Retrieve Groups] 403: Cannot request contacts belonging to another user
Running TB 3.1.2 and Contacs 0.6.32
I have several accounts in TB, but only one gmail...
When I sign up for TB and gmail through MAPI login etc works ok.

JanB said...

It seems that only contacts with email can be sync in a category. Probably, it's a Thunderbird limitation but it would be good to find a solution to allow sync all contacts in a category.

h.ogi said...

To JanB:

Enable "Add a pseudo email address to a contact without an email address" option.

It is a trick for adding such contacts to a mail list. But please note that you cannot use the list as To or Cc because it contains nonexistence email addresses.

Anonymous said...

How can I move the contacts in main group to "my contacts" group on Thunderbird?

Lucien said...

Can you explain how to synchronize the entire contact details:
Phone 1,2,3 or mobiles 1,2,3
fax number,etc...
it works only with the main informations in Google contacts.
It could be great and perfect if possible to synchronize all the informations without restrictions or limit.

ml said...

I ran into a problem with the avatar images today. While reloading, the statusbar shows an http 404 error while loading a contact photo. After this, the synchronization seems to stop. Is there a way to tell, which image cannot be loaded? As an improvement I'd suggest to continue with the next contact entry on such errors.

I'm using Google Contacts 0.6.33 with Thunderbird 3.1.4.

Regards Mathias

Marco said...

I am looking into migrating my office environment from Windows to Ubuntu. I am a heavy user of Outlook and categories. I basically categorize all email threads so I can find my way...

I just tried the Tag Toolbar and it is great. I am now able to tag messages I am sending on top of those listed in the inbox. Here are feature requests that would bring me at feature parity with my Windows environment. I am not sure they fit in the scope of Tag Toolbar, but just in case:

- Ability to automatically tag a message that is based on an existing message tag. For example, if I forward or reply to a tagged message, I would like those to preserve the original tag.

- Ability to tag all received replies to a thread as per the tag of the thread, pretty much the way Gmail does it. I found an Outlook extension called Categorize Plus that does this via a local database since you can't trust that mail servers will carry the tags in messages. The database basically stores a list of local threads and their associated tag. It does the trick for me on Windows. I am looking for something equivalent on Linux.

PCool said...

Hello support team,
Nice extention to Thunderbox, Thumbs up.
I just have a problem with standard Google Groups. Currently, Google Contact has 4 preset contact groups named: "Mes Contacts", "Amis", "Coll├Ęgues", "Famille". This is French default group settings.
I also created a new group named "Zoho".
When I set up the extention in thunderbird, I can see only "Mes Contacts" and "Zoho", but none of the three other groups. How can I see them as it is in Google Contacts ?

Anonymous said...

Problem with Tag Toolbar 0.8.21:
In a previous version of Thunderbird (2.X.X) messages tagged with Tag Toolbar appeared in color in the message pane. In Thunderbird 3.1.7 tagged messages do not show any color.
How to fix this?

Davide said...

Could be really useful if custom button of gmail contact could also call the addon options


dddesign said...

great addon.
I have in my google contacts more than two emails, but only the frist two are synced. Is there a way (e.g. with an other addon) to sync all emails of google contacts?

Anonymous said...

Greetings. I am using Google Contacts 0.6.34 and am really liking it. However, I've noticed that when I try to sync up groups, your add-on will only add contacts to groups in my ThunderBird Address Book that have an email address. Some contacts in my GMail Contacts do not have an email address but do have a phone number as I use my GMail Contacts to sync up with my Android cell phone. I think syncing all contacts in groups, regardless of whether or not they have an actual email address would be nice.

Anonymous said...

I added a new (additional) Gmail IMAP account how do I get the Google Contacts plug-in to pick up the new account and synchronize the contacts ?

h.ogi said...

To dddesign

There is no way to retrieve all email addresses so far. Extending Tb's address book UI and sync more addresses would be a future work.

h.ogi said...

To the post @ February 2, 2011 7:02 PM

Open the extension's option and enable the option in Email address complement section.

TB's mail lists does not allow cards without email addresses. The option add dummy addresses to such cards in order to include them into lists.

h.ogi said...

To the post @ February 10, 2011 7:28 AM

Open the extension's option and see the bottom of General tab. You'll see Accounts section. Add your email address to the list and reload contacts.

madonnell said...

Google Contacts 0.6.34

In gmail contacts, for contacts with multiple entries (e.g, John & Jane Doe), I use the RFC-2822 legal John Doe <john@doe.com> syntax for the email address entry.

For applications which correctly recognize this, in these cases, the top level contact name gets dropped on the floor, and the entry resolves to John Doe <john@doe.com>

For those which don't, it resolves to something like John and Jane Doe" <"John Doe" <john@doe.com>>, which is illegal.

Any chance you Google Contacts could correctly parse these?

Deron said...

First thanks for the google contacts add-on it works a charm.

A feature I'd like to see is the ability to add an account without adding the email address. Is this possible? If so it would allow for the collaborative management of contacts, that google has not provided within their apps setup, and would fill a big hole.

The work around I've found is to set up the email account, but that then burdens the users with emails flowing into the account.

Just a thought. It's a great add-on.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Great AddOn, but now I have to reset it to the initial setting and I follow Faq intructions (open edit config and reset all gmcont string) close and reopen TB, bur there is NO WAY to cancel original gmail account and contatcs. I even prove to unistall ad reinstall AddOn but always NO WAY. Is ther any file to delete or other? Riccardo

Ana & Karl said...

I've had a problem with this add on, on two different machines now. In each case, I had newly installed, Thunderbird, then Lightning. Got everything setup and working ok. Installed Google contacts and let it start sync'ing my google contacts.

It syncs them but creates several hundred duplicates of each google contact (I'm only trying to sync 43 google contacts but I end up with a contact list, in Thunderbird, that something like 7281 entries).

If I look at my google contacts, there is no duplication there. Once it's syncronized, I do appear to be able to go through the listing in Thunderbird, delete all the duplicates, and it stays cleaned up at that point. Only appears to do this on the initial syncronization.

BTW, on the bottom of the Thinderbird screen, I can se a repeating message that says something like "Retrieve 200" (sorry but it's gone now and I'm going from memory but it was something like this).

Again, this has happened on two different installs on two seperate machines. Both are win xp machines.

Anonymous said...

Just found and added the Google Contacts addon (0.6.34) to TBird (3.1.9) running on Windows 7 64bit. It does what it's supposed to from what I can tell, but when TBird is restarted and the option to "Reload on Restart" is checked, TBird uses double the amount of RAM that it normally does + 50% of the CPU. After the reload is complete the CPU usage and memory do not go back to normal. Only when I stop TBird does the CPU go back to normal. If I disable the "Reload on Restart" option TBird starts and runs normally (RAM & CPU usage are minimal). It appears that the Javascript that does the reload is not releasing RAM and is stuck in some sort of loop after the reload. Is this not a valid assumption?

Michael S. said...

I posted this on another thread but I'll post it here too.

The Google API now supports structured postal addresses. Please update this extension to support this. Right now, My Android phone is syncing postal addresses to Google in a format that your extension can't handle but if you update to support Google's structured addresses this will be resolved.


h.ogi said...

To Michael.S

I know the structured postal addresses. But Gmail does not have UI to input them, does it?

I don't have Android phone and iPhone, and something else. So, I don't have a way to confirm the implementation. This is the reason I haven't added the feature so far.

Jeff said...

I wanted to start out by saying thanks for a great extension for Thunderbird. I often have two different versions of Thunderbird installed, the latest and a beta version. I found an issue during the setup of this extension between the two different profiles I have. I installed the extension which required me to restart Thunderbird. Once it restarted it automatically found my Gmail account and started syncing my contacts. I went and configured the extension to use a comma to separate the postal address. Everything is good after cleaning all of that up. Now I setup the extension in my second profile, but it automatically starts syncing and messes up all of my address because it started syncing before I could configure the extension. I would recommend having it not start syncing until after you have had a chance to configure the extension. In my case it would save a lot of fixing in regards to the address fields in all of my extensions.

h.ogi said...

To Jeff

The next version will ask it after installing the extension. You can test it by v0.6.36b2.

Corne said...

Thank you for a great add-on.
I am encountering the following. When I create a new contact from withing Gmail, Thunderbird will sync it and add it. When I change info in thunderbird on a contact, it will sync with Gmail. But when a new contact is created withing thunderbird, the contact is not created in gmail. It shows in thunderbird even when restarted, but does not want to create a contact in gmail.

rljames said...

I use a eMail forwarding service which allows me to change ISP as needed but not require reprint of business cards, letterhead etc to match the change. As such, I also link Google gMail to the forwarding service. However, your extension somehow checks my ISP domain and determines that the Google account (linked to forwarding service) is not mine and won't sync.

Please allow for sync to non-matching Google gMail accounts as long as proper password, authentication is provided.

kolotyluk said...

I installed the Contacts plugin, and now my Thunderbird will not run. Is there a way to manually remove the plugin so I can get Thunderbird to run again?

- Eric

kolotyluk said...

Never mind. I rebooted my computer and reinstalled the plug-in. This time it seems to work.

kencorey said...


Got a problem I'm hoping you can help with...

Windows 7 SP1
Google Contacts 0.6.35
Thunderbird 3.1.10
other extentions: MoreFunctionsForAddressBook 0.6.2
error console (no error messages about google)
I have an Android Phone (Nexus One, running CM7) which syncs with Google Contacts.

I installed Google Contacts with no troubles. I immediately detected the google account I'd installed, and made an address book for it.

The problem is that nothing ever appears in that address book. I never see any contacts from google.

Any ideas?


h.ogi said...

To Corne:

New contacts are added to Other contacts group unless you add them to a mail list.

Confirm the Other contacts group.

Michael S. said...

How would I sync the "Other Contacts" group with Thunderbird? I only want to sync contacts not in "My Contacts", is this possible?

h.ogi said...

To Michael S.

There is no way to retrieve contacts in Other Contacts group so far.

burger.ga said...

I don't know whether this is a bug in Google Contacts or in Thunderbird, but I use a Master Password to protect my passwords in Thunderbird. When I start Thunderbird it asks for my Master Password twice: once for collecting mail, and once for Google Contacts. Can you make it such that the password is only asked once?

My agent string is: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20110516 Thunderbird/3.1.10

and I use Google Contacts 0.6.35

Thanks in advance, and compliments for the add-on! Works like a charm.

JohnD said...

Nice extension, it's what you need and saves time by working most of the time, but ... I have two contacts with same last name, primary email and home phone (first name, display name, mobile #, custom fields different). The extension overwrites the display name of one contact with that of the other contact!

I'm using "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20110414 Thunderbird/3.1.10" with google contacts 0.6.35 and compact header

Piotr Dobrogost said...

Your addons are very nice; I made a donation and would like to thank you for good work!

Any idea why after setting ESC key in Message Pane Maximization this shortcut doesn't work? I think this is would be very good shortcut for this feature. Especially so if one uses enter key to maximize message pane.

TB 5.0, MMP 1.1.11, Vista Home Premium

Using blog comments as a support forum is not very handy - have you considerted using something else?

Piotr.Dobrogost said...

Visualization's type per tag category

The ability to categorize tags is very nice. It can be used as a basis for interesting and useful features. I would like to propose one such a feature. The idea is to allow for different visualization of tagged messages for each category of tags. Example: I have tags representing bug's statuses - NEW, RESOLVED, etc. and priorities - Normal, High etc. I would like to visualize both status and priority of tagged messages. To achieve this one could
1. assign tags representing statuses into one category and assign tags representing priorities into another category
2. set one type of visualization for the first category (for example background color) and different one for the second category (for example border color).

JFS said...

For Google Contact, like JohnD said, GMail supports having more than one contact with the same primary e-mail address. I have three contacts with the same address and they are all overwritten by the last one.

Other than this, capital Add-On!

Yardern said...

Your Google Contacts add-on is great.

The "Address book backup" function under General tab, which address book is backed up? Google/TB? How do we use the backup?
Could we select a folder for backup?

Thank you.


h.ogi said...

It is a backup for Thunderbird. The file is saved in "Working directory", which is specified in the Advanced tab. [Working directory]/[your account]/Thunderbird/[backup date]/abook-?.mab is the backup. You can rollback your address book for the account by replacing the file in profile directory.

For Google side, Google itself has a backup function. So, the extension only take a snapshot for Thunderbird.

Hanna said...

In my address book window, my Mac OS Address Book contacts are listed, but I cannot move or copy them into the folder with my gmail addresses. Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks a lot!

h.ogi said...

If you copy cards by drag and drop, it is due to a bug. Please try v06.40b1.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great add-on. I havve one problem though: it seems to be a limit of number of synced contacts set to 200. I have more contacts and not all are synced. Please change it.

jameson stalanthas said...

I just installed the latest version for the first time. One thing I notice is that it asked for my gmail password, even though I had already done it for my google email. Is there a way to have it take the password from when I logged in my gmail?
Or would is that a feature bundled with your gmail add-on?
I had thunderbird 7.01 use their automatic gmail account process to set it up.

h.ogi said...

There is no limitation. Some users can retrieve more contacts than yours. It seems there are some problems. Please let me know more details.

h.ogi said...

To: jameson stalanthas

If you don't save your password, it may ask it at every startup because it try to sync before Thunderbird starts to get mails. Sorry but it cannot control so far.

Anonymous said...

Can you sync the contacts from 2 accounts like my gmail account and another in my Thunderbird? each has a different email address

Dan said...

I've found a bug in GC - and the issue tracker appears to be broken. So I'm posting here.

Google contacts is mangling together contacts which share an e-mail address.

GC 0.6.40

In gmail - create two contacts like this - where two (or more) contacts share same e-mail address:

Jane Smith - smiths@example.com
Bob Smith - smiths@example.com

Now, sync into thunderbird.

It creates 2 entries - however, both entries will display as "Jane Smith" and will have all of Jane Smiths other info. Bob Smith is lost. In fact, the "view source xml" for both of the entries are identical. It would appear that GC keying the contact information on the e-mail address somewhere internally - but that is not (necessarily) a unique value..

mitch said...

Is there any way to map multiple contact groups?

For example: Friends, Family, Business contact groups would be mapped to separate Tbird address books.

I've got several hundred contacts, and it's not convenient to have them all living in the same address book.

John M said...

I love the add-on. However, I'd like to be able to change settings, and know what that change will do. The descriptions are a bit cryptic. Is there a help file, or document anywhere that lists, item-by-item, what each of the options settings are, what they do, and what results to expect when checking that option or changing it's parameters? I have found a few answers in FAQ's and comments in the blogs, but nothing all summed up in one place. Could you add this to the web page "How to use Google Contacts"? Using: Thunderbird 9.0.1, Google Contact 0.6.40

DJ said...

Nice Addon...Is the source code available?

Andre Gerdts said...

The Add-On stopped working after months of being very helpful.

I went though the post of "debugging" and here is the end of the console messages. It looks like it was able to parse the XML and finished importing. There are 1293 entries in the cache directory, which matches the number of addresses I think.

The symptome: There is no additional adressbook with my google contact.

what can I do?


Num entries: 100
Get contacts in: http://www.google.com/m8/feeds/groups/andrecgn%40gmail.com/base
[Retrieve] 200: OK
parse feed
Skip raw XML dump
Next Link:
Num entries: 83
stop listening ...
URI is moz-abmdbdirectory://abook-1.mab
Remove listener
start listening ...
URI is moz-abmdbdirectory://abook-1.mab
Add listener
stop listening ...
URI is moz-abmdbdirectory://abook-1.mab
Remove listener
[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_INVALID_POI
NTER) [nsISimpleEnumerator.hasMoreElements]" nsresult: "0x80004003 (NS_ERROR_IN
VALID_POINTER)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://gmcont/content/gmcont.js :: :: line 480" data: no]

Fortunecake said...


I've had a serious issue with contact duplication on Tunderbird. I have 2 google accounts, each synced with Google Contacts. It was working ok for about a month, although it seemed to be having problems updating new contact info back to my google account.

Yesterday however it suddenly started duplicating contacts... I discoverd this because Tunderbird began crashing, and my android phone nearly died trying to sync all the new data. My personal account with about 250 contacts was multiplied up to about 15,000 contacts, and similarly with my work account. Certain contacts were duplicated over a thousand times, others only a few times. All new contacts were grouped under "other contacts" in gmail.
I'm using Thunderbird 15 & Google Contacts 0.6.40 on Vista Business.
I've spent about 4 hours sorting this out, so I'm afraid to try the plugin again with a solution.
Any ideas?

spe said...

First of all thanks a lot for your useful extension. i'm am computer supporter and with your GC add-on i managed to consolidate many of my customers mixed adressbooks.
now, just one issue (GC 0.6.40), i can't explain: dragging an existing contact from another adressbook to google-contacts and restarting thunderbird, the new contact vanishes in interactive-mode. in automatic-mode it's asking me to delete the new contact, so i can uncheck and save it. this seems more a workaround than a solution though, so i wonder why this happens. wrong time-stamps? sync priority?

Dave Ventresca said...

Hi, thanks for the add-on. We're having trouble getting everything sync'd up.

Thunderbird syncs to the contacts in gmail, but not the other way around. Changes in thunderbird lead to the contact being added to 'Other Contacts' in gmail - a folder that does not sync to the folders list in thunderbird. Furthermore the default 3 folders do not sync to the gmail server either. Is there a secret to getting this to work?

OS: Windows XP Pro
Thunderbird: 17.1 (latest)

Google Calendar Tab
Provider for Google Calendar
Google Contacts .7

perhaps one or two more addons, but nothing fancy or unusual the above 4 are the only ones we installed, the rest were enabled by default with the installation.

Anonymous said...

Not sure whether this is a change in Google's own Contacts API or something in the Google Contacts add-on, but I've noticed that it no longer syncs contacts.

OS: Windows Vista *and* Linux
Thunderbird: v17.0.3
Google Contacts: v0.7

Using the FAQ instructions to delete the Address Book and reset the Google Contacts add-on I get no contacts downloaded to the client. Turning on logging the .log file finishes with the following lines:

Next Link: https://www.google.com/m8/feeds/contacts/USERNAME%40gmail.com/full?start-index=501&max-results=100
Num entries: 100
[Retrieve] 200: OK
[New parser] parse feed
Skip raw XML dump
Next Link: null
Num entries: 86
Submitting offline changes was done.
stop listening ...
URI is moz-abmdbdirectory://abook-1.mab
TypeError: noteElem.firstChild is null

Anonymous said...

proposed feature:
on error during upload in interactive mode (contact was not added, will be deleted on next synchronisation), the contact should be stored in local address book, either standard one or new one created for this purpose.
btw after update to 7.10 on tb 17.04 win xp or 7, about 4-5 users sharing the addresbook over one gmail account, I get quite often message "contatc was not added to google", is there a way to learn the reason
best regards ms

Sam said...

Hi there,

I'm having an interesting situation where every time I try to save a list to my address book through thunderbird, the list vanishes after I close out and re-open the program. Any idea what could be causing this?


Anonymous said...

Hi I am using Check and Send to ensure I don't forget to put ANY ONE of a list of words in my message.... but it checks for ALL of them... and I can't find a REGEX other than the pipe to say ONE but NOT ALL

Hello|Hi|Good Morning|Good Afternoon|Good Evening|Bonjour|Bonsoir|Salut

What is the right syntax please?

GodSponge said...

Now that Zindus is closing, there is no google contact sync for postbox. I had an old version of Contact Sync working on an old copy of postbox but it doesn't work anymore. Please add support for postbox 3!

GodSponge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Craig said...

I just started using your Google Contacts add-on (0.7.12) and like it.

One suggestion I have is to add an option to automatically select "allow remote content" when importing email addresses from gmail.

Another suggestion is to create address book entries for all email addresses in a gmail contact. For example if I have a gmail contact with the name "eBay" and it has a bunch of addresses including ebay@ebay.com and member@ebay.com only the first email address ends up in my thunderbird address book after syncing.

Ongxa41 said...

Thank you for the add on h.ogi...
I am using version 0.7.12
TB version 31.
Windows 7 64bit

My company is using google docs and I've connected my TB to the IMAP account, no issues.

The calendar is synchronized as well.

The google contacts add in syncs to this account as well, however, the issue I have is that I cannot connect to the company's shared contacts. It's listed under a Directory line when I log in.

I'm not seeing any way I can connect to it through the add on.

If I copy contacts out of the directory into my google docs "My Contacts", the add in picks it up and synchronizes normally.

Only issue with doing that...I'm never going to know when people leave or add into the directory. There's over 4000 EEs at our company world wide. There's got to be a way to do it, I'm just not seeing how to get it connected.

Any advice would be appreciated.


DeZzA said...

I'm getting a password prompt from the Google Contacts addon (0.7.12) in Thunderbird (31.7.0) on Win 7, which does not accept my password.
On the status bar I see [Auth] 404: Not Found

I read somewhere about Google removing an old authentication API, could that be what's happened?

Kevin Griffiths said...

Hi, I'm getting exactly the same password prompt problem as DeZza today.
Hope you can fix it soon.
Thanks, Kevin.

Unknown said...

Having the same problem as in the two posts above, can't sign in anymore, tried using a Google-generated app-password as well but to no avail.

Anonymous said...

The same here, regardless of the machine and OS I'm using. All of them have the latest Thunderbird version.

Michael Chapman said...

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 lts
version of an extension : Chrome Contacts 0.7.12
version of Thunderbird : 31.7.0
installed extensions : AutoarchiveReloaded 0.9.8
Calendar Tweaks 6.1
Chrometasks 1.5
Google Contacts 0.7.12
Lightning 3.3.3
Lightning QR Code ad-on 1.2.4
mail Merge 3.10.1
manually Sort folders 1.1
Messageing menu and unity Launcher Intergaration 1.3.1
outgoing message format 1.1
Provider for google Calendar 1.0.4
Quickfilters 2.8

installed themes : Default

The issue is the same as Dazza, kevin etc will not sync comes up with an authenticatuion fail. I have 2 part authenication active but does not work with or without it enable.

Christopher Nitta said...

I'm having the same password/authentication problem as DeZza and the others have posted. I hope this is fixed soon, Google Contacts has been a great add-on.

Don Taylor said...

I suspect you're no longer following, but here goes.
1. If you are following, your Google Contacts 0.7.12 no longer works, since May 2015. It produces an endless loop of password requests. The correct account password does not work, accepting lower security in the Google Settings doesn't help, and using a verification password for accounts with 2-step verification turned on seems to work, until an account without 2-step turned on again prompts for the Google Contacts password--which then causes both accounts to again prompt.
Perhaps you could post your update status?
Withdraw the add-on. Until then, all we can do to ensure others don't download and enable it is to post bad reviews, which of course is a mis-use of the review system, to some degree.
At any rate, thanks for your work to make things better for us all!

Wild Stray said...

Project clearly abadoned from years. Author does not reply. Issue tracking system broken (error 500). gContactSync IS NOT a valid replacement because it does NOT work with multiple GMail accounts and author wont fix.
Google Contacts does not work anymore (and never will) because Google API now have mandatory requirements as OAuth 3.0.

How about fork this extension? I've the idea to fork it and hope in the contribution of community on github.

Kevin Griffiths said...

Good idea, Wild Stray. It's a useful add-on that's worth maintaining.

bgmCoder said...

This addon works if the priority data exists in the X-Priority header. But Thunderbird also respects another header called simply "Importance" without any "X-". This will trigger Thunderbird to think it marked priority.

And if this other header is set, Priority-Switcher will not deal with this setting, and so setting or changing the X-Priority makes no difference and the icon for priority remains whatever is specified in "Importance".

You can see an example of the "Importance" header here: https://www.chilkatsoft.com/p/p_471.asp

Right now I am using Header Tools Lite to go and change the "Importance" to "none" - but I wish that Priority Switcher would take care of that for me!

Xavier said...

Feature request on your 'Tag toolbar' extension for Thunderbird.

Hello, I'm using your 'Tag toolbar' extension that unfortunately does not work anymore since Thunderbird 52.0.
It would be really great if you could update it to make it work with TB 52. Lots of happy users would really appreciate, as this is a great, simple and very useful extension.
Thanks a lot!

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