Aug 6, 2008

Makeshift download page

The download pages are down now. Please download the latest addons from the following links.
Please note the links are temporaly and will be removed after the server is recovered.

[Updated 8/8]
The server is now available. The following links will not be updated and will be useless. Please download addons from my homepage.

Maximize Message Pane
Get before Send
Check and Send
Priority Switcher
Gmail IMAP Account Setup
Tag Toolbar
Google Contacts
The server has been down 3 times since I move the download pages to where. And this down is the longest. I'm searching more stable server for the pages. Please recommend if you know servers which fulfill the following requrements:
  • 30MB or more spaces
  • Google AdSense is allowed
  • Free or cost a few dollers for month
  • Ruby, especially eruby or ERB is available
  • Both English and Japanese pages are allowed
  • XPI files can be uploaded
Thanks for your patience.

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