Oct 23, 2008

Visual XUL Editor

Designing UI is one of bothring part in developing addons for Firefox/Thunderbird or XUL applications. XULPIX is an application which enables you to define UI visually. You can edit UI by looking both DOM tree and preview of the UI. It seems useful when I create an addon from the beginning, especially when I make an option form. See the demo below for details.


Anonymous said...


Suresh said...

hey, finally i found some thing easy to use for designing UIs. thanx guys.
nice work.
Suresh Attanayake,
Department of Computer Sceince and Engineering,
University Of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

You should continue your Xulpix !!!! I searched this kind of visual xul editor since 3 days !!!!

Nice work.

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