Mar 1, 2009

Google Contacts 0.5.50b2

I've uploaded Google Contacts v0.5.50b2. It fixes some bugs in the prevous beta and adds new functionality: Group mapping.

The group mapping is in the "Advanced" tab in the option dialog. You can select one of system groups in a menulist for each account. If you want to choose user created group, select "Other" and input the group name. After you specify the group, only contacts in the group are synchronized. In other word, the group to an address book, not a mail list. If you don't need the function, choose N/A.

For example, if you select My Contacts for the group mapping, all contacts in the group are loaded to an address book. When you add a card to the address book, a contact is added to Gmail and added to the group.

There are two precautions for the group mapping. One is duplicated contacts. Group mapping does not retrieve all contacts in Gmail. So, it cannot check conflicts of contacts. Another is deletion of contacts. Deleting contacts means removing them from Gmail; it does not mean removing from the group. Please note them.

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