Jul 14, 2009

Google Contacts 0.5.55

Google Contacts 0.5.55 is now available for download. It fixes the following problem:
  • Fixed: group mapping setting does not work
I recommend all user to update.


Chris said...

Nice addon, but what about the Birth Day, Year and Month?
Thunderbird exports them automatically but they are not shown in Thunderbird (without addons). gmail has a possibility to show them as well

h.ogi said...

Thunderbird3 will have the birthday fields. Thus, I plan to support them in Thunderbird3. However, Google does not provide a method to retrieve the birthday data. So, synchronization might be perfect.

HeX said...

Hi, Great! Group synching works now but only for one contact group. Is there any way to synch different contact groups to different address books. So far if I add the same google account twice but set different groups, the second account is ignored...

DaComboMan said...

Syncs pretty good!


One problem. I must enter password every time i log onto GMail.
Addon disabled is okay.

Mattias said...

Is the fix working for anybody? All I get is "[Retreive] 400: Bad request"?

HeX: I need the same thing. If only I can get the group filter working I think a patch is not very far away.

Mattias said...

There is now a patched version available at http://jiderhamn.se/google_contacts-0.5.55b-tb.xpi which is able to map each Google Contact group to a different Thunderbird address book.

I leave it up to the original author to create a user interface for this, so you must enable this manually.
After installing the patched plugin, it's easiest to make the plugin use your GMail account together with one of your groups. Then *shut down Thunderbird* and edit your prefs.js like this:

/* my.account@gmail is mapped to the Family contact group using the GUI */
user_pref("gmcont.my.account@gmail.com.account", "my.account@gmail.com");
user_pref("gmcont.my.account@gmail.com.sync", true);
user_pref("gmcont.my.account@gmail.com.sync_group", "Family");

/* Add a separate address book for Coworkers with the dummy account Coworkers@GMail pointing to the real account my.account@gmail */
user_pref("gmcont.Coworkers@GMail.account", "my.account@gmail.com");
user_pref("gmcont.Coworkers@GMail.sync", true);
user_pref("gmcont.Coworkers@GMail.sync_group", "Coworkers");

/* Add another separate address book for Friends with the dummy account Friends@GMail pointing to the real account my.account@gmail */
user_pref("gmcont.Friends@GMail.account", "my.account@gmail.com");
user_pref("gmcont.Friends@GMail.sync", true);
user_pref("gmcont.Friends@GMail.sync_group", "Friends");

/* All the dummy listed must be added as custom accounts */
user_pref("gmcont.custom_accounts", "Friends@GMail,Coworkers@GMail");

The next time you start Thunderbird the adressbooks will be automatically created and filled with your Google Contacts, although you may wish to rename the address books.
Please note: I make no predictions as of what will happen if the same contact exists in multiple address books/groups.

h.ogi said...


Check the checkbox below the password field of the password input form. Then it saves your password and will never ask it again.

DaComboMan said...


I have tried a dozen times to have the p.w. saved while checking the box to have it saved/remembered and it doesn't work.

Jane Durham said...

I've just installed Google contacts for Thunderbird & it is excellent, however despite checking the remember password box it asks me to enter the password everytime, somehow it manages to find the contacts when emailing out, but they show on the email in red whilst writing & it is not possible to search or use 'auto-fill' from previously entered names. Any suggestions?
Thank you

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