Sep 27, 2009

Tag Toolbar manages recently used tags

Tag Toolbar v0.8a4, which is a test version for Thunderbird3, has a new system category "Recent Tags". See the category list in the Tag Toolbar. You can find "Recent Tags" category in the bottom of the list. It records 5 recently used tags by default. Of course, you can customize the number of tags to be remembered in the option dialog.

It is one of frequently asked features. It is useful feature for power users who manage tons of tags. Of course, I know there are users who do not need it. If you don't need it, input 0 for the number of recent tags in the option dialog. "Recent Tags" category will disappear from the category list.


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose there is any kind of support to have different *tag categories* loaded up for different accounts? That'd be awesome!

Great addon by the way, I just started using it.

Steve McMillen said...

Very useful addon. I've depended on it for a long time to ensure that when I sent a request, I have some means of tracking it.

I'm wondering if there is a way to have the tag added to the message put in the Sent folder. I don't think the tagtoolbar has ever worked this way - I think it only puts the header in the outbound message - but if it optionally put it into the message placed in the sent folder, that would solve an issue I have run into with our IT group.

Unfortunately, our IT Team switched to Exchange server and Exchange strips out all X-* headers. This means, the only way I can track via tags for outbound sent messages is to tag the file put in the sent folder.

It would be great if you could modify as such. If I can help at all, I'd be willing to. I've done a little bit of extension development - I'm just starting to get into it as a result of wanting to modify another extension. You can reach me directly at if needed.

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