May 30, 2010

Photo sync (Google Contacts 0.6.30b3)

I've uploaded new Google Contacts beta (v0.6.30b3). It newly has a contact photo sync functionality. The sync is "one way" sync so far: load photos from Google but not update changes at Thunderbird. Loading photos may take many times, so it is disabled by default. If you want to load photos whenever you sync, enable "Always reload contact photos" option in the option dialog. If you want to load photos only when you need, invoke "Reload Contact Photos" menu in the drop down menu of the toolbar button in the address book window (see the image).

It also include fixes for batch mode sync.

1 comment:

Jiri said...

it would be great to have ability of switching derivation of "firstname lastname" to "lastname firstname" from display name.
great add on!

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