Dec 11, 2010

Priority Switcher 0.6.10/0.6.11

Priority Switcher 0.6.10 and 0.6.11 are now available for download. v0.6.11 fixes a bug under pl-PL language setting and others are the same as v0.6.10.

  • [Fixed] Cannot open option dialog with pl-PL locale
  • [Fixed] "Commit" does not work on IMAP (but some IMAP servers are not supported including Gmail IMAP)
  • [Fixed] Order of header entries will be changed by comitting
  • [Fixed] Some header entries will be disappeared by committing
  • [Fixed] "Reset" does not work
  • [Fixed] Sorting by priority will be canceled when folder selection is changed
  • [Fixed] "Commit automatically" option does not work for changing priority by clicking an icon in a thread pane
  • [Added] Locale update
  • [Added] Priority list in a message composition window is always set to normal when re-editing a draft message (it is a workaround for possibly Thunderbird's bug)

1 comment:

Robert_MP said...

You posted that version 6.11 is the same as 6.10 (except bug in Polish lng.). We use your Priority Switcher and we have the problem with version 6.11: when we switch from "Normal" (in general: from anything) to "None", nothing happens (from "None" to "Normal" it goes). When you switch anything else than "Normal" to "None", the "Normal" will goes on. In v. 6.10 this was working OK. Checked on, (the same IMAP engine), etc. Please, can you have a look at this? MANY THANKS!

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