Jul 17, 2011

Finishing Thunderbird 5 compatibility testing

Now stable versions which support Thunderbird 5 are available. They are submitted to AMO and waiting for reviewing. They are also available at my homepage.

Following versions support Thunderbird 5:
  • Check and Send 0.9.22
  • Get before Send 0.8.10
  • Maximize Message Pane 1.1.12
  • Priority Switcher 0.6.13
  • Tag Toolbar 0.8.33
  • New Tab Button 0.1.24
  • Google Contacts 0.6.36
  • Evernote Tab 0.1.12


Anonymous said...

Great work.
Mozilla just released Thunderbird 6. Making your latest affords to support Version 5 redundant. Maybe thats why they didn't even update your previous listing on AMO :(

really: what are they thinking?

anyways: keep up the good work. i love your addon!

shlavach said...

I just downloaded Google Contacts 0.6.36 after updating to TB 3.1.10. Assume I'm doing things correctly, as could not find clear instructions for merging google and TB contacts. I read that contacts without emails have pseudo emails generated - this makes sense (I used to do the same thing when making TB contact groups). But these contacts seem to be duplicating in TB. They are phone numbers of stores/restaurants I like to have in by BB so have no emails. Is it because I'm using batch instead of interactive mode?

I see two comments (Jan 2011 and April 2011) after the Dec 2010 release of 0.6.34 that said others were having problems with duplicate contacts. Can you come up with a fix to avoid these duplicates?

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