Sep 24, 2011

My first Songbird extension: Format Column

I use Songbird on my laptop PC. It is very good product for me since it does not need background processes rather than iTunes. But I sometime feel a little inconvenience. I want to see a file type of a media for some reasons, such as ordering library contents, but I can't.

Maybe it is not common for other Songbird users and Songbird team does not add it. But, fortunately, it is a Mozilla based product. I can realize it by making an extension as I do for Thunderbird. So, I've created it. My Songbird becomes more convenient!

If someone needs it too, please feel free to use it. You can download it from the following.

Please note it just shows a file extension of a media file. So, you cannot recognize whether it is AAC or Apple Lossless since their extension are the same: M4A.

1 comment:

Gazouillis Songbird said...

Thank you for this very useful extension, I wrote an post for the French community in Songbird

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