Apr 16, 2017

Maximize Message Pane for Thunderbird 52

I've just released Maximize Message Pane 1.2.00. It works on Thunderbird 52.
Please download it from the following link:

I know other addons do not compatible to Thunderbird 52. I will fix them when I have time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sylvain said...

Please fix Tag Tool Bar. Since TB 52 the toolbar doesn't show the tags. Thanks

Anonymous said...

+1 from me for Tag Toolbar. It is one of my most used Thunderbird Extensions. Thank you very much for the great Extension.

Em said...

Tag Toolbar is absolutely fantastic tool. Thank you for great job! Unfortunatelly it doesn't work with Thunderbird 52, please update. Thunderbird without your extension is like crippled software...

Thank you!

h.ogi said...

I've released Tag Toolbar 0.9.00. It fixes Thunderbird 52 compatibility issue.


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