Jun 4, 2008

Update: Tag Toolbar 0.7.40 and Google Contacts 0.2.20

Tag Toolbar and Google Contacts have been updated.
These are bug fix releases so I recommend all users to update.

Tag Toolbar 0.7.40:
  • Fixed: tagging does not work if you open a messeger compose window from address book window
Google Contacts 0.2.20:
  • Fixed: dupulicated cards are created if the address belongs to mail lists


ASH said...

Nice idea! Installing Tag Bar 0.7.40 in Thunderbird make the menu bar labels for the File, Edit, and View menus disappear. The menus are still there, but they have no label! Some sub-menu labels from these menus also are missing. 0.7.10 (from ADO) does the same.

h.ogi said...

Do you install Lightning0.8? I was in the same trouble but it was fixed in v0.7.20.

Maybe, reinstalling Lightning may solve the problem. If you don't use the latest Lightning, please update.

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