Sep 27, 2011

Compatibility with Thunderbird 7

Thunderbird 7 will be released today. Check and Send and Google Contacts had a problem with Thunderbird 7 but Check and Send 0.9.23 and Google Contacts 0.6.37 fix the issue. Check and Send 0.9.23 has been reviewed by an AMO editor and available now. Google Contacts 0.6.37 is waiting for a review. It will be available soon in AMO. If the review is not finished by the time Thunderbird 7 is released, please download it from my homepage.

Other extensions will work with Thunderbird 7 without updating except for Evernote tab. You need to download Evernote tab 0.1.14 from here since Evernote tab is not hosted in AMO. Evernote tab 0.1.14 is the same as 0.1.13; it only changes supported version of Thunderbird.

Updating Format Column extension

I've updated Format Column extension for Songbird: v0.1.10. Now you can set "Format" for a filter of the filter pane view.

Setting up a filter is little bit tricky. You need to do "Tools->Format Column->Set Format Filter" menu command. And then select a position where you want to set the format filter. Please note you cannot set it by the context menu of the filter. I know it should be done by the context menu but, because I'm new to create a Songbird add-on, I don't know how to add entry to the menu. Does anyone know the way? If you know, please teach me!

Setting Format filter

Selecting position of a Format filter

Sep 24, 2011

My first Songbird extension: Format Column

I use Songbird on my laptop PC. It is very good product for me since it does not need background processes rather than iTunes. But I sometime feel a little inconvenience. I want to see a file type of a media for some reasons, such as ordering library contents, but I can't.

Maybe it is not common for other Songbird users and Songbird team does not add it. But, fortunately, it is a Mozilla based product. I can realize it by making an extension as I do for Thunderbird. So, I've created it. My Songbird becomes more convenient!

If someone needs it too, please feel free to use it. You can download it from the following.

Please note it just shows a file extension of a media file. So, you cannot recognize whether it is AAC or Apple Lossless since their extension are the same: M4A.

Sep 22, 2011

Extension updates

New stable versions of my extensions are available: Google Contacts 0.6.37, Check and Send 0.9.23, and Tag Toolbar 0.8.35. The main aim of the updates is to fix compatibility with forthcoming Thunderbird 7.
  • Google Contacts 0.6.37
    • Fixed: cannot work with Thunderbird 7
    • Fixed: duplicated pseudo addresses are created
    • Fixed: fail to retrieve phone numbers and postal address fields
    • Added: option to select postal address filed synchronized with second address field of Thunderbird
    • Added: Tools - Open Google Contacts Web menu, which open Google Contacts web with stand alone mode
  • Check and Send 0.9.23
    • Fixed: cannot work with Thunderbird 7
  • Tag Toolbar 0.8.35
    • Fixed: cannot set "Maximize number of toolbars" option to 0 (infinite)

Sep 4, 2011

Google Contacts 0.6.37b2

New beta for Google Contacts is now available: v0.6.37b2. It mainly fixes compatibility with Thunderbird 7. Please test it with Thunderbird 7 to release it in time.

  • Fixed: cannot work with Thunderbird 7
  • Fixed: same pseudo email addresses are created
  • Fixed: fail to synchronize phone numbers if custom labelled one exists
  • Added: add option to choose a use of the second address field
    • You can choose one of the followings: "---" (not use), "P.O. Box", "Neighborhood".

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