Dec 25, 2010

Google Contacts 0.6.34

Google Contacts 0.6.34 is now available. It is the latest stable version. Changes from v0.6.33 are as follows:

  • [Fixed] Thunderbird freezes when a lot of contacts are retrieved
  • [Changed] Remove "Maximum number of contacts" option. You don't need to specify the number any more.
  • [Added] Add hidden options to option dialog. See experimental tab in the dialog.
  • [Changed] Change layout of option dialog
  • [Fixed] If it fails to retrieve a photo, it also fails to get rests
  • [Fixed] Fail to synchronize soon after installation
  • [Fixed] Warning about CSS is outputted to the error console
  • [Changed] Backup of Thunderbird address books are saved as *.mab file
  • [Fixed] A file which is not the oldest will be overwritten when the number of backup files exceeds a limit.
  • [Fixed] Wrong number of backup files show in option dialog
  • [Added] Working directories are removed when Google Contacts is uninstalled
  • [Added] Support the department field
  • [Fixed] Duplicated contact is added when editing a card after adding it
  • [Fixed] Unnecessary updates will be recorded when a list is removed with Batch mode
  • [Changed] Change protocol for communicating with Google's server from http to https
  • [Fixed] Ctrl-k does not work
  • [Fixed] Batch mode does not work if "Load contacts at startup" option is diabled
  • [Changed] Check formats of photos. A file other than jpeg, gif and png are ignored
  • [Fixed] Improve performance of retrieving photos
  • [Fixed] Improve performance of rebuilding cards and lists
  • [Fixed] Some photos are not retrieved fully
  • [Fixed] Thunderbird crashed while retrieving photos
  • [Fixed] If a photos is remove at Google side, it is not reflected to Thunderbird
  • [Fixed] A suffix added in order to avoid conflict of list names will be duplicated such as My Contacts:1:1
  • [Added] Support birthday without birth year
  • [Fixed] If only birthday is changed at Thunderbird, it is not submitted to Google
  • [Fixed] Removing a contact from a list by right-click menu is not submitted to Google
  • [Fixed] Changing a list name is not submitted to Google
  • [Fixed] Adding a card to a list is not submitted to Google
  • [Fixed] Modifications of cards and lists are not recorded with Batch mode after synchronization
It includes many fixes and enhancements. I recommend all user to update.

Dec 19, 2010

Google Contacts 0.6.34b9

9th beta of Google Contacts 0.6.34 (v0.6.34b9) is now available. It fixes the following problems:
  • [Changed] Check photos formats (only jpeg/gif/png are supported)
  • [Changed] Change default number of contacts retrieved at one request to 30
  • [Changed] Retrieve only updated photos
  • [Changed] Improve performance of rebuild address books
  • [Fixed]Thunderbird will crash by retrieving photos
If there is no fatal problems, stable version of 0.6.34 will be available soon.

Dec 11, 2010

Google Contacts 0.6.34b8

8th beta of Google Contacts 0.6.34 (v0.6.34b8) is now available. It fixes the following problems:
  • [Fixed] Duplicated contacts are created when you add card and then edit it
  • [Fixed] Unnecessary updates will be run when deleting mail lists
  • [Changed] Change protocol from http to https
  • [Fixed] Ctrl-k does not work
  • [Fixed] Changes of cards and mail lists are ignored if "Load contacts at startup" option is disabled with batch mode

Priority Switcher 0.6.10/0.6.11

Priority Switcher 0.6.10 and 0.6.11 are now available for download. v0.6.11 fixes a bug under pl-PL language setting and others are the same as v0.6.10.

  • [Fixed] Cannot open option dialog with pl-PL locale
  • [Fixed] "Commit" does not work on IMAP (but some IMAP servers are not supported including Gmail IMAP)
  • [Fixed] Order of header entries will be changed by comitting
  • [Fixed] Some header entries will be disappeared by committing
  • [Fixed] "Reset" does not work
  • [Fixed] Sorting by priority will be canceled when folder selection is changed
  • [Fixed] "Commit automatically" option does not work for changing priority by clicking an icon in a thread pane
  • [Added] Locale update
  • [Added] Priority list in a message composition window is always set to normal when re-editing a draft message (it is a workaround for possibly Thunderbird's bug)

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