Aug 9, 2020

Feature request and support thread #2

This is support and discussion thread about my add-ons. Please feel free to post your comments here, including feature requests, questions and bug reports. Please include the following information when you ask questions or report bugs:
  • OS
  • version of an add-on
  • version of Thunderbird
  • other installed add-ons
  • installed themes
  • error messages in an error console (Ctrl+Shift+J)

Supporting add-ons for Thunderbird 68 is discontinued. Thank you for your consideration.


kgolding said...

Is it possible to remove the "Send to Onenote" menu option as I don't use OneNote, something like maybe an "Active" checkbox on the Onenote general tab?

h.ogi said...

Are you using EnForward 0.5.1 with Thunderbird 68? If so, I don't have a plan to update it. Now I have EnForward 2.x for Thunderbird 78. As you may know, v0.5.1 and v2.x are completely different add-ons. It is very difficult to maintain both series. Sorry.

Pawel L. said...

Can you fix Check and Send addon so its compatible with dark mode?
As for now it looks like this:

h.ogi said...

Check and Send follows the text color setting of Thunderbird. Could you confirm the option? Is it possible to change it to black?

Pawel L said...

Colours are set: background to black, foreground to white. However I found that when I change option to overwrite colours from Never do Always, I get this view:
I wouldn't like to have this option changed.
Anyway still looks like some issues in your addon.

Pawel L said...


Anonymous said...

Dear h.ogi,
Thanks so much for your great EnForward extension!
In the past, I was able to forward mail to Evernote by just pressing "E". After the latest update, that is no longer the case. Do you know how I can get back that functionality?

P@F said...

Hi h.ogi,

Please consider adding an option to "Tag Popup" to automatically tag a reply with the same tags applied to the message being replied to. This was possible with "Tag Toolbar". Hope it can be reinstated into "Tag Popup" as well. Thank You very much for a very useful extension!

Dimitri Mantheakis said...


I am probably coming to the party late, but I really miss being able to select/deselect tags in the toolbar - the feature that was lost with the latest version of Thunderbird.

I understand that the framework changed and the original coding did not work.

Are you planning to re-introduce displaying tags (for selection) in the toolbar?

Many thanks for supporting this add-on. I use it all the time!

Dimitri Mantheakis

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a question regarding Tag Toolbar (Tag Popup v2.0.0) - in the legacy version it was possible to tag an outgoing message. Is it possible in this new version too? I couldn't find out how to do it. Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

I would be nice to be able to apply a tag, using the tag toolbar in the message header viewer, when more than 1 message is selected (currently it is not possible because if more than 1 message is selected, the tag toolbar disappears).

Klogger said...

I enjoy using Maximize Message Pane, but don't like the F8 hotkey.
How I use tbkeys-lite to add my own keyboard shortcut?

Anonymous said...

The Message Header Toolbar Customization extension is broken in Thunderbird beta (currently v96.0 beta1).
Right-click into the message header does not show the 'Customize Toolbar' button anymore.
Buttons which are supposed to be hidden are shown in the message header area.
Can this be fixed please?

Anonymous said...

Bug report for extension Check and Send 2.1.0

OS: Mac OS Catalina (10.15.7)
Thunderbird 91.4.1 (64-bit); default theme, no other extensions

Steps to reproduce:
1. "Edit As New Message" on existing message in Sent folder
2. press Send
3. "Check and Send" checks are not performed

Anonymous said...

New feature request for extension "Check and Send"

Occasionally a user inadvertently replies to an email that came from a "no-reply" address (eg.

Feature request:
Add the ability to make the extension's failed checks be blocking (ie. the email cannot be sent, while any of the checks configured in the extension are triggered)

Topoldo said...

I have a suggestion and a proposal
Is it possible to add to the toolbar the option "Redirect" which was introduced in TB 91.x?
Proposal: I'm Italian and te extension is only partially translated in my language. May I be eligible for this translation? I'm already the official translator of QuickFolders, QuickFilters, CalendarTwaks (now obsolete) and oteher extensions fo LibreOffice and Android. If so how can I contact you?
Thanks for the attention.

Anonymous said...

Add-on: Tag Toolbar
Issue: conflicting permissions descriptions
When: 3 February 2022 for version 2.1.5
From inside Thunderbird 78.14.0 (Mac), the Tag Toolbar page "Permissions" link (just right of the green "+ Add to Thunderbird" button) lists TT's required permission as:

This add-on can:

Access browser tabs

However, once the user clicks the "+ Add to Thunderbird" button, the permissions warning popup lists TT's permissions as:

Have full, unrestricted access to Thunderbird, and your computer

And once the add-on is installed, its Permissions tab also lists its permissions as:

Have full, unrestricted access to Thunderbird, and your computer

Please fix so confused users know which it is -- and will be more likely to download and use your marvelous add-on. Thanks!

Eager User

Quest said...

The "Maximize Message Pane" add-on only shows one button. In the third image shown on the plugin page, three buttons appear. How can I enable the other buttons?

Anonymous said...

Previous versions of this extension provided an option window for the user to select a hotkey. If at all possible, please reinstate that functionality, because the standard Thunderbird set-hotkey function does not allow setting an alphabetic key without also adding either Control or Alt to the hotkey.

Or you could provide a way for your extension's toggle function to be called directly from a hotkey defined by the tbkeys extension.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, above comment refers to Maximize Message Pane.

Also, previous versions of Maximize Message Pane automatically changed the focus from the thread pane to the message pane when maximizing the message pane, and restored the focus to the thread pane again when the message pane was un-maximized. PLEASE restore this functionality.

Bill H said...

The current version of Message Header Toolbar Customize is flagged as not compatible with Thunderbird version 102 which is going to be coming out soon. Will there be an updated version coming out soon? Love the add-on.


Anonymous said...

What Bill H. said ^

h.ogi said...

Message Header Toolbar Customize v2.3.0 supports Thunderbird 102.

Please note some functionalities are dropped because they are covered by new feature of Thunderbird 102.

If you find bugs or improvements, feel free to let me know.

Bill H said...

Thanks for the update. I no longer have the 102 beta installed and I'm waiting for 102.1 before I install the release version. I will try it out then and let you know if I see anything.

Thanks again!

Bill H said...

I decided to go ahead and update to TB 102 now rather than wait. Message Header Toolbar Customize 2.3.0 is working great. The only comment I have is that I really like the ability in the "Configure calendar buttons" options to disable the Today Pane button which appears in the right side of the status bar. There doesn't seem to be a way in TB 102 to remove that button. Am I missing it somewhere? If not, would it be possible to add that option back into the extension?


h.ogi said...

Hi Bill,

Thank you for the feedback. The option is not in v2.3.0. It will be back in the next update.

Bill H said...


Bill H said...

Someone on the Thunderbird USENET list posted about this so I thought I would let you know if you hadn't seen it there.

If I am in TB and go to the Manage Your Extensions page and do a search for the extension Message Header Toolbar Customize, it shows me version 2.3.0 Also Check for Updates gives me version 2.3.0.

If I go to in my browser, only version 2.2.2 is shown unless I go to Version History and then See Complete Version History. This shows version 2.3.0.

Shouldn't the same version be displayed if I use the browser or do it from within TB?


h.ogi said...

It is out of my control. They may show the same version when auto update to TB102 is started.

Bill H said...

OK... thanks. Just wanted to let you know in case you had missed something.

Actually, it has already started. I was updated a couple days ago.


Unknown said...

Dear h.ogi,

many thanks for your excellent add-ons!

I noticed that the Tag Popup add-on does not correctly works in the new Thunderbird 102.
The problem is that after having toggled a tag by clicking the tag label in the message header, the tag is correctly applied to the message, but it disappears from the message header. Basically labels of all active tags (even if activated with the TB standard method) are not shown on the message header.
TB version: 102.0.1 (32 bit)
Tag Popup version: 2.1.5
SO: Win 10 Pro, ver. 21H2, build 19044.1766

I hope this bug report can help and that you can update this wonderful add-on. Thank you again!


h.ogi said...

Tag Popup v2.2.0 supports TB102.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for v2.2.0!

Ingeborg said...

Thank you for this addon. I'm wondering: Do you have a github or something similar? Or may you tell me what command or function do you use to adding the labels/tags to a message? Please refer to my post here:

h.ogi said...

I don't use a repository like github but the add-on package contains source code; it is just a zip file.

In the code, background.js, I use browser.messages.update() to add/remove tags.
If you try to modify tbkeys extension, calling ToggleMessageTagMenu() directly using WebExtensionExperiments API may be easy to implement.

Unknown said...

Please check for Email_Sender consistency!

Hi, may I ask for a feature, which checks:
if the Email metatag Email_Sender equals the metatag Email_RecipientEmail of the preceding message,
where preceding message is that which I reply to or which I forward (with the same Email_messageID
Then, if the email adresses are NOT equal, the code should ask for confirmation (or in following versions autofill the Email_Sender field or offer accounts to select from.

The problem to overcome is, that if Email forwarding is used, TB would use the receiving email adress for composing the mail, which is different from the email account you like to use for the particular conversation. If I do not to remember to check and change the sender adress, I would unintentionally introduce another email address to my opposite.

For example: I use one of many private email adresses for a private conversation and forward it (or a copy) to my business mail box, to stay informed while working (I am self-employed). It frequently happens that I reply without thinking, and that way I expose my business address.

I hope I could catch your interest for a useful feature.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

you updated TTB to 2.3.5. Thank you very much.
Do you watch these tickets?
There is no reaction from you after October 2022.
I still have this issue
In message tab all selected tags vanish from the tag bar in the message head. (As far as I remember this issue has been solved before but is back.)

Chris said...

I withdraw my request 'Please check for Email_Sender consistency'.
Reason is, I solved the problem myself, using TB identities.
Regards, Chris

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