Jan 17, 2009

Stopping add-ons development and support

I've moved into a house and I cannot share times to add-ons development. Moreover, the new house is offline so far. So, it is difficult to update this blog, too.

So, please let me stop the development and support for a while. It is OK to mail me and post a comment to this blog but my reply will late. I'll inform you when I start them at this blog.

Google Contacts 0.5.11

Google Contacts v0.5.10 has a problem in group synchronization. So, I've released Google Contacts v0.5.11 which disables the optimization of synchronization in v0.5.10. I plan to rewrite the synchronization process in order to improve its speed and memory usage. Please use v0.5.11 until the next version is released.

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