Feb 5, 2020

Tag Toolbar 1.0.1 is released

Tag Toolbar 1.0.1 is available for download.

From this version, a new toolbar is added right after the previous toolbar if content of the previous one overflows. 

Difference between v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 is as follows: the QuickFolders toolbar divides the tag toolbars in v1.0.0 but v1.0.1 does not.

Please note, by default, no new toolbar is added when the overflow occurs. It just adds popup list for the rest. Specify number of max toolbars in option dialog.

In addition to that, the following changes are included:
  • Adjust layout of option dialog
  • Fix style of groupbox of option dialog
  • Change textbox(type="number") to html:input in option dialog
  • Add option to disable XUL cache mechanisms of Thunderbird(workaround for tag toolbar disappearance)


Jan 19, 2020

Disappearance of Tag Toolbar

Some users reported Tag Toolbar v1.0.0 shows an empty toolbar suddenly as the following screenshot.

It has not reproduce on my environment so the image was taken by removing all elements in the toolbar. It may be a little bit different from the actual case.

I have also experienced that issue while I developed Tag Toolbar v1.0.0, which was the reason of delay of Thunderbird 68 compatible Tag Toolbar.
It did not occur by changing the way of XUL overlay. So I thought it was resolved.

So far, the followings are the common in the bug reports:
  • QuickFolders add-on is installed
  • It works fine at the first time but it does not after restart of Thunderbird

As described the top of the post, I have not been able to reproduce the issue yet. However, by considering the situation, I doubt cache mechanisms of Thunderbird.

So, I implemented an experimental option to disable the cache in Toolbar 1.0.1b4.
Can you try it if you have the problem?

It may make start of Thunderbird slower. In case the option arises a problem on your environment, it can be disabled by the Tag Toolbar option. Uncheck the "Disable XUL cache mechanisms of Thunderbird".

Technically, it configures as follows:
  • execute nsIXULRuntime.invalidateCachesOnRestart()
  • set "nglayout.debug.disable_xul_cache" preference to true

Jan 16, 2020

EnForward 0.5.1 is released

EnForward 0.5.1 is now available for download.
Update is recommended for all Thunderbird 68.x users.
  • Fixed: Fail to send a message to Evernote if memo option is enabled
  • Fixed: Account name meta character (%N) is not replaced correctly
  • Changed: Package structure is changed. No jar is used.

Dec 8, 2019

Check and Send 1.1.1 is released

Check and Send 1.1.1 is now available for download. It fixes bugs in recipient name checking.

  • Fixed: Confirmation of recipient name check is not work
  • Fixed: Recipient name is removed if it is not in address book. Now the name is kept.


Sep 14, 2019

"noreply" checking is added to Check and Send

Check and Send 1.1.00b5 and up have noreply checking.

If account name includes noreply or no-reply, show recipients check warning with the address unchecked. You need not to uncheck manually.


Aug 27, 2019

Supporting Thunderbird 68.x

The following add-ons are updated for Thunderbird 68.x.
Please feel free to comment here if you find problem.

  • Check and Send 1.1.0
  • Maximize Message Pane 1.3.0
  • Priority Switcher 0.8.1
  • New Tab Button 0.3.0
  • EnForward 0.5.0
  • Evernote Tab 0.1.21
  • Tag Toolbar 1.0.0

Download(exclude Evernote Tab):
Updating Tag Toolbar and EnForward is planed. But it will take much time. (2019/09/07 EnForward is released. 2019/09/22 Tag Toolbar is released.)

  • Add-ons are beta version.
    (11/24: Stable versions are released now)
  • Thunderbird 69 Beta is not supported. 
  • For EnForward, Lightning is needed. Reminder functionality will result in error unless Lightning is installed.  
[2019/08/28 Update]
Check and Send 1.1.00b3 is released. It fixes bug in recipients check.

[2019/08/31 Update]
Check and Send 1.1.00b3 is released. It fixes bug in configurations per account.

[2019/09/07 Update]
EnForward 0.5.00b1 is released. It is the first beta for Thunderbird 68.0.

[2019/09/08 Update]
[2019/09/08 Update2]
EnForward 0.5.00b3 is released. Fix bugs in option dialog.

Check and Send 1.1.00b6 is released. Fix bugs in option dialog.

Update all add-ons. Fix minimum Thunderbird version that add-on supports.

Evernote Tab 0.1.20 is released. It once came to the end of life but is back for Thunderbird 68!

EnForward 0.5.00b5 and Evernote Tab 0.1.21 are released. Problem in style sheet is fixed.

Priority Switcher 0.5.00b4 is released. Error output from Overlay loader is fixed.

Tag Toolbar 1.0.00b3 is released.

Maximize Message Pane 1.3.00b4 is released.
"Show close button on the folder pane header" is remove from option.

All add-ons are submitted to addons.thunderbird.net. Add-ons will be updated automatically after approval.

Priority Switcher 0.8.1 is released. Fix wrong file type in image file.

All add-ons are approved by addons.thunderbird.net editors. This post is closed. Further update will be notified by another post.

Feb 10, 2019

Supporting Forthcoming Thunderbird (Thunderbird 65 - )

I've released new beta add-ons. They are the first beta for Thunderbird 65 Beta4.
Please feel free to comment here if you find problem.

  • Check and Send 1.1.00b1
  • Priority Switcher 0.8.00b1
  • New Tab Button 0.3.00b1
  • Tag Toolbar 1.0.00b1
  • Maximize Message Pane 1.3.00b1

Updating EnFoward is also planned but it need some time.


[2019/07/30 Note]
Now Thunderbird 69b1 is available but the all add-ons have compatibility issue.

[2019/08/26 Update]
Add-ons for Thunderbird 68.0 are available.

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