Oct 2, 2022

Tag Popup for Thunderbird 102

Sorry to have kept you waiting. Tag Popup now supports Thunderbird 102. It not only fixes glitches on TB102 but also adds new functionalities. This post briefly shows the new features.

Download Tag Popup (v2.1.6 and after supports TB102)

Copy&Paste tags

You can copy tags assigned to a message and paste them to others. There are the following 3 ways to do that:
  1. Copy and paste buttons in the message header
  2. Context menu on the thread pane
  3. Keyboard shortcut
    Ctrl+Shift+C for copy and Ctrl+Shift+V for paste by default.

If you don't need the buttons in the header, the buttons can be hidden. Uncheck the "Show copy/paste buttons" in the Tag Popup option. Shortcut keys are also customizable.

Tagging of sent messages

It was available in Tag Toolbar and got many request to add to Tag Popup. From Tag Popup 2.3.2, the functionality is supported. Please note it requires TB102.3.0 or after because it needs new API recently added.

After the new Tag Popup installed, the Tags field added to the message composition window. Click the tags you want to add to the message. Tag Popup also adds the Tags button in the window. You can assign tags from the button too. Then, after you send the message, the message stored in Sent folder has the tags you specified.

If you don't need the tags list, hide it by unchecking "Show tags list in the message composition window" option.

Dark theme support

A popup and option will be switched to black based coloring when you use dark theme.


Some improvements also added.
  • Improve redrawing process of the tags list in the message header
  • Remove the UI elements Tag Popup added when you disable the add-on
  • Remove tabs and activeTab permission
  • Remove unneccessary log outputs
  • Tags can be toggled in the message window's tags list

Sep 10, 2022

Message Header Toolbar Customize for Thunderbird 102

Message Header Toolbar Customize v2.3.x supports Thunderbird 102. This post shows modifications and new feature of the new version.


Way of opening customize window

It is the same as the older versions but some notification exist.
  • From context menu
    Context menu appears only on the original toolbar buttons. Buttons added by other add-ons and other area of the message header do not show it. It is due to the change of the structure of the header.
  • From More menu button
    Thunderbird 102 adds own customize menu so it is just mistakable. The "Customize..." is for Thunderbird, on the other hand,  "Customize Toolbar" is for the add-on.

Button style configuration

Thunderbird 102 can change the button style. However, it cannot set style for each button individually. So, the style option in Message Header Toolbar Customize is removed but only the "Individual" mode remains.

The option of the add-on is changed as the following image. Button style configuration consists of "Follow Thunderbird's setting" and "Setup individual".

If you want to set style only some buttons, not all, select the latter option. Please note, as the option window says, the style of TB side need to be set as Icons and text. Otherwise, an empty icon may appear.
Another notice is about Starred button, which is newly added in Thunderbird 102. The button cannot be set as "Icons and text" and "Text" style for the individual mode because it does not have a label.

Show/hide option, reordering and renaming buttons are the same as the previous versions. And the changes of the style option is not applied to the Quick filter customization.

Calendar buttons configuration

Thunderbird 102 newly has Spaces toolbar and calendar and tasks buttons are move to there. So, options to hide the buttons are removed from the add-on. Option to hide "Today pane" button is moved to the customize window for the message header. Please note.

New toolbar buttons

The following buttons are added. It is hidden by default.
  • Redirect: redirect the message
  • Source: show source of the message
  • Save As: save the message as a file
  • View: change view mode
    • Original HTML
    • Simple HTML
    • Plain Text
    • All Body Parts *1
  • Header: expand the header view for more information

*1) All Body Parts will appear when "mailnews.display.show_all_body_parts_menu" is set to true by Config Editor.

Moving star button

Thunderbird 102 adds star button to the message header toolbar. You can move it beside the subject field by the add-on. Enable the "Move the star button next to the subject" option in the message header customize window for this.

I hope this new version helps you as it did with Thunderbird 91.

Aug 27, 2021

Thunderbird 91 support

Thunderbird  91 is now available. The following is status of compatibility checking of my add-ons. I do not have enough time to test add-ons so far. I only checked basic functionalities. Please let me know if you find problems on your environment.

Download the latest versions from here:

  • Maximize Message Pane
    v2.1.0 is released. Please update. Older versions do not work on TB91.

  • Message Header Toolbar Customize
    v2.2.2 is released. Please update. Older versions also work on TB91 but they have small glitches.
    Print button does not work in older versions.

  • Tag Popup
    Current v2.1.5 works with TB91. No need to update.

  • Check and Send
    Current v2.0.18 works with TB91. No need to update.

  • Priority Switcher
    v2.0.5 is released. Please update. Delete functionality does not work in older versions.

  • New Tab Button
    Current v2.0.6 works with TB91. No need to update.

  • EnForward
    Does not work with TB91 so far. Please disable it on TB91.
    v2.1.0 is released. Please update.

  • Evernote Tab
    Current v2.0.2 works with TB91. No need to update.


Oct 18, 2020

Checking inside of mailing lists (Check and Send 2.0.14)

Check and Send 2.0.14 is now available for download. It has a new option to expand mail lists for checking. It is enabled by default.

Check and Send 2.0.14

If the option is enabled, Check and Send adds contacts in mail lists to the recipients list and then check them. So, you can check all the addresses.

On the other hand, the old behavior can realize "white list" by a mail list because contacts in the list are excluded from the checking.

So, I keep the old one as an option. Please choose one suited for your cases.


Oct 11, 2020

New functionalities of Message Header Toolbar Customize 2.1.0

Message Header Toolbar Customize 2.1.0 is now available for download. This version adds new functionalities that Thunderbird 68 does not have.

Download v2.1.0

Customize Quick Filter Toolbar

Quick filter toolbar can be customized same as the message header toolbar. You can open the customize window by right-click menu on it.

The following is an example of icon only display. Of course, same as the message header toolbar, hiding some buttons, text only display, changing order and adding a spacer/separator are also available.
Please note the pin icon, separator after it and text field at the tail of the toolbar are not able to be customized.

Customize toolbar buttons individually

From v2.1.0, icon display can be set up for each toolbar buttons. The following is an example of individual configuration. Reply and Forward button are set as Icons beside text and others are icons only.

To do that, select "Individual" in the customize window. Then "Icon" and "Text" buttons appear beside the list. The Icon and Text buttons are toggle button. The states represent icon and text display.
And icons and text in the list also mean the states. Icon is not shown for text only button; text is surrounded by brackets for icon only button. For hidden button, both the Icon and Text buttons are OFF state.
To show a hidden button, change Icon or Text to ON state.

Rename toolbar buttons

The customize window has the "Rename" button. You can change button label as you like. The following example changes "Forward" button label to "Fwd".

When you click the Rename button, a form will pop up. Input new name of the selected one and then click OK to apply. If you input empty string, the original name will be back.

Smart Reply button has several child buttons inside. For such button, all labels are show by separated by commas as the following example. Please note if the number of labels you input differs from the original one, it will be ignored. So, please do not remove/add the commas. 
The input form sometimes has "Prevent this page from creating additional dialog" option. Please do not enable it. Otherwise the form will not appear in the session. If you wrongly check it, close the customize window and open it again. The form will be back.

The option aims to prevent system from browser crasher which open a form infinitely. No need to enable it for this add-on.

Customize Calendar Buttons

This feature is new in v2.1.0 Beta4.
Calendar, Tasks and Today buttons can be hidden. "Customize Calendar Buttons" menu is added to the context menu of the mail toolbar. When you click the menu, a popup window will appear. There are following three check boxes in the window:
  • Calendar Button
  • Tasks Button
  • Today Pane Button
Uncheck items you want hide.
  • Hide Calendar and Tasks buttons


  •  Hide Today pane button

Star and Print Buttons

This feature is new in v2.1.0 Beta5.
Star and Print buttons are added to the message header toolbar. Please note the buttons are hidden by default.


  • Structure of preferences data is changed. When you update v2.0.x to v2.1.0, it will be converted automatically. But when you downgrade, backward conversion will not be performed. So, if you downgrade to v2.0.x, open customize window and click the Reset button. It clears v2.1.0 preferences data and it is recreated for v2.0.x on startup of Thunderbird.
  • If it messes up a toolbar by a bug or something, click Reset button in the customize window. If the Reset does not work remove the add-on and re-install it.

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