Jul 17, 2011

Finishing Thunderbird 5 compatibility testing

Now stable versions which support Thunderbird 5 are available. They are submitted to AMO and waiting for reviewing. They are also available at my homepage.

Following versions support Thunderbird 5:
  • Check and Send 0.9.22
  • Get before Send 0.8.10
  • Maximize Message Pane 1.1.12
  • Priority Switcher 0.6.13
  • Tag Toolbar 0.8.33
  • New Tab Button 0.1.24
  • Google Contacts 0.6.36
  • Evernote Tab 0.1.12

Jul 16, 2011

Little changes in Issue Tracking System

 Issue Tracking System, where bug reports and requests are managed, has received many spams and its spam filter sometimes wrongly rejects your post. It's very troublesome work to find out your post from many spam logs and recover it.

In order to reduce spams in the log, now Issue Tracking System has a "Spam Check" field. By default, "I'm a spammer" is checked. Please uncheck "I'm a spammer" and check "I'm not a spammer". And then submit you post. Otherwise, your post is rejected and not recorded into the filter log; namely, I cannot recover your post.

Thank you for your patience.

Jul 12, 2011

Progress of beta testing for Thunderbird 5

New betas of the following extensions are available.
  • Google Contacts 0.6.36b6
    • Fixed: postal address will disappear if it is not structured
    • Fixed: cannot sign up if gmail account start with recent:
  • Tag Toolbar  0.8.33b3
    • Fixed: context menu of tag toolbar becomes transparent on Windows7
    • Fixed: cannot work with CopySent2Current extension
  • New Tab Button 0.1.24b3
    • Fixed: text area in status bar disappears if New Tab Button is installed

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