May 30, 2010

Photo sync (Google Contacts 0.6.30b3)

I've uploaded new Google Contacts beta (v0.6.30b3). It newly has a contact photo sync functionality. The sync is "one way" sync so far: load photos from Google but not update changes at Thunderbird. Loading photos may take many times, so it is disabled by default. If you want to load photos whenever you sync, enable "Always reload contact photos" option in the option dialog. If you want to load photos only when you need, invoke "Reload Contact Photos" menu in the drop down menu of the toolbar button in the address book window (see the image).

It also include fixes for batch mode sync.

May 27, 2010

Working on "Maillist already exists" issue

I've addressed the mail lists conflict issue, which is reported by many users, in Google Contacts 0.6.30b2. I believe this fixes the problem. Please try it.

May 26, 2010

Birthday sync and more (Google Contacts 0.6.30b1)

I've uploaded Google Contacts 0.6.30b1. It uses Google Contacts API v3.0, which enables GC to synchronize more fields. In GC v0.6.30b1, Birthday field, Nickname field, Web Page fields and Custom 1 - 4 fields are newly supported.

Custom fields in TB are mapped into the ones in Google with the labels Custom1 - 4. Don't modify the labels in Google otherwise they cannot be sync.

Summary of the changes in v0.6.30b1 are the following:
  • Birthday field sync
  • Nickname field sync
  • Web Page fields sync
  • Custom fields sync
  • Option to derive First Name and Last Name from Display Name; it is done by Google server and the correctness depends on Google.
  • Cannot copy/move cards from an Google account to another Google account
  • "Reload before sync" message pops up when sending a message
  • Fail to sync if a card is modified several times
This version includes many changes due to the upgrade of API. Please test and use it carefully. And please let me know if you find any problems or have suggestions.

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