Nov 15, 2009

New Tab Button 0.1.21

New Tab Button 0.1.21 is now available for download. This version adds new tab icon to the header view (see the preview). You can open a message in a new tab by clicking it. If you don't need the button, open New Tab Button's option and uncheck the "Add button to header view" option. It also supports Thunderbird3.0.*. It means you can install it to forthcoming RCs and official release builds.

Update extensions for forthcoming Thunderbird 3RC

I've updated extensions in order to be compatible with Thunderbird3.0.*, which means they can be installed forthcoming RC and official release builds. The updated extensions are the following: Tag Toolbar, Check and Send, Priority Switcher, Google Contacts. Please see the post for details and add a comment there if you find any problems.

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