Aug 19, 2018

Supporting Thunderbird 60

As you may know, all add-ons are disabled by default in Thunderbird 60. I've upload the first beta versions to address the issue. The following add-ons are available. I'm sorry but other add-ons will not be updated for Thunderbird 60.
  • Check and Send 1.0.20b1
  • EnForward 0.4.11
  • Maximize Message Pane 1.2.20b1
  • New Tab Button 0.2.10b1
  • Priority Switcher 0.7.10b1
  • Tag Toolbar 0.9.11

Please do not install old version to Thunderbird 60. Especially, Priority Switcher 0.7.00 will crash Thunderbird. And also note the option dialog is not available in Add-on Manager tab. You can find it as menu item in the "Hamburger" icon -> Add-ons.

Please feel free to leave comments if you find any problems.

In order to fix the problems, I referred to

[2018/08/22 Update] EnFoward is updated.
  • Fixed: datepicker in reminder setting dialog is not display

    [2018/08/25 Update] Tag Toolbar is updated
    • Fixed: Tag bar and Lightning Today Pane overlap
    • Fixed: Tags are not attached to an outgoing message

    [2018/08/25 Update] EnForward is updated
    • Fixed: Filter actions are duplicated if a message is opened by new window
    • Fixed: Context menus need to be disabled in a message window 
    • Fixed: Message is also forwarded CC address 

    [2018/09/01 Update] Tag Toolbar is updated
    • Fixed: toolbar in a message header is disabled after customization 

    [2018/09/02 Update] EnForward is updated
    • Added: add option to remove message after forward 

    [2018/10/25 Update] TagToolbar is updated
    • Fixed: Tag toolbar is corrupted if the number of toolbar is configured other than 1.

    [2019/1/5 Update] TagToolbar is updated
    • Fixed: Aling layout in option dialog

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