Oct 25, 2010

Tag Toolbar 0.8.21

Tag Toolbar 0.8.21 is now available for download. It is a bug fix release. I recommend all users to update.
  • Fixed: labels are always displayed beside icons regardless toolbar setting
  • Fixed: cannot click an arrow icon on compose window when tags overflow
  • Fixed: cannot tag sent message on IMAP
  • Update: locale update

Oct 24, 2010

Google Contacts 0.6.34b7

Google Contacts 0.6.34b7 is now available.
  • Fixed: cannot reload photos if "Reload in parallel" option is enabled

Oct 13, 2010

Google Contacts 0.6.34b6

Google Contacts 0.6.34b6 is now available. Changes in the beta are the following:
  • Fixed: default number of backups is differ between option dialog and code
  • Added: synchronize Department field
  • Changes: default value of "Maximum number of contacts in each responses" is changed to 100
  • Changes: Reload in parallel option is enabled by default

Oct 3, 2010

Validating Google Contacts Data

Google Contacts will fail to retrieve contacts from Google server if it contains invalid contacts. It is very difficult to find out such contacts from a lot of contacts.

So, I've created a simple validating tool for contacts data. If you cannot retrieve contacts from Google server, please try it by following steps below:
  1. Download and install the tool
  2. Add "Verify XML" button to a toolbar
  3. Open ConfigEditor and create boolean preference "gmcont.dump_raw_xml" and set it true
  4. Reload contacts by Google Contacts
  5. Click "Verify XML" button
  6. Click "Choose" button in the opened form
  7. Select
    • GoogleContacts/[email address]/contacts/[date] directory for contacts
    • GoogleContacts/[email address]/groups/[date] for groups
    * [date] directory does not exist v0.6.33 and before
    • Click OK
    • Invalid contacts will be listed. Confirm their values at Gmail etc. You can see raw data (XML) by clicking "View source" button with selecting a contacts.

    Google Contacts beta test progress

    Now 5th beta build v0.6.34b5 is available. The following is change log:

    • [Changed] copy .mab file for TB address book backup
    • [Changed] remove working directory on uninstalling Google Contacts
    • [Changed] remove Backup tab in option dialog and move backup option into General tab
    • [Added] "Ignore invalid contacts" is added to Experimental tab
    • [Fixed] cannot synchronize on brand new profile
    • [Added] add Experimental tab to the option dialog and put hidden and put experimental options here
    If you cannot retrieve contacts, please try the followings:
    • See the Experimental tab and reduce "Maximum number of contacts in each responses" such as 100 if you synchronize a lot of contacts. If it solves the problem, please let me know the value you specified. I'll consider the value for determining default.
    • See the Experimental tab and enable "Ignore invalid contacts" option. If it solves the problem, your data includes invalid contacts. Find contacts not appear in TB address book and confirm their values.

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