Feb 4, 2010

Update Google Contacts / Tag Toolbar / Maximize Message Pane beta

I've updated Google Contacts, Tag Toolbar, and Maximize Message Pane beta. Google Contacts fixes the problem which shows the following error message when opening option with Italian language setting:

"Interpretion error XML: non well-formed
Indirizzo: chrome://gmcont/content/settings.xul
Linea numero 126, colonna 5: <checkbox id="GCAddrConvDelimiterBROpt" label="&gmcont_set.af_delim_br;" checked="false"

  • Google Contacts v0.6.10
    • Fixed: cannot open option dialog with it-IT locale
    • Fixed: icon beside text setting does not work for address book window
    • Fixed: address book conversion option UI does not work
    • Changed: hide system groups for Google Apps account
  • Tag Toolbar v0.8.12
    • Fixed: tag toolbar is not hidden in Lightning and search result tab
    • Fixed: Tag Toolbar's access keys collide with Lightning's Alt-1,2,3,4 shortcut keys
    • Fixed: icon beside text setting does not work for a message compose window
    • Fixed: cannot hide tag toolbar
  • Maximize Message Pane 1.1.00b5
    • Fixed: attachment view is always collapsed regardless the option

The extensions above have not been reviewed by AMO editor yet and only available at my homepage so far. Please download them from here or wait for the review and update notification.

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