Jun 4, 2013

Forwarding emails to Evernote (New add-on!)

I've created new add-on for Thunderbird: EnForward.

Evernote has an email forwarding functionality. This add-on acts as a front-end program for the feature. If you want to save emails to Evernote, select them and invoke "Forward to Evernote" in the context menu. Then, it sends them to Evernote with note title, notebook(@ operator) and tags(# operator) information you set up in advance.

And if you invoke "Forward to Evernote" menu with pressing Shift key, emails will be send with "+" operator; they are appended to note with the same title. Please note notebook and tags settings are ignored in this case.

I hope you enjoy this extension.

It is under beta testing now. For the latest beta, please refer to the following page:

Note: Before you use it, you need to specify your Evernote Email. See the image below.

Feb 11, 2013

Google Contacts 0.7b4

Google Contacts 0.7b4 is available for download. This will be the last beta for v0.7.

In this version, you can bind a main phone in Google to mobile phone in Thunderbird. Under the configuration, when you edit mobile phone in Thunderbird, main phone in Google will be changed, and vice versa. The option is in the Conversion tab in the option dialog. Find the section as the following image:

Feb 2, 2013

Google Contacts 0.7b3

Google Contacts 0.7b3 is available for download. It fixes the following bugs in 0.7b2:
  • Fail to sync when a card is copied from another address book
  • Fail to sync when all of the following are blank: First Name, Last Name, Display Name, and Nickname

Jan 27, 2013

Google Contacts 0.7b2

Google Contacts 0.7b2 is available for download. It fixes the following bugs in 0.7b1:
  • Phone numbers are not synchronized
  • Batch operation does not work
  • Adding a contact with Interactive mode does not work
  • Fail to edit a card whose change was submitted to Google before

Jan 26, 2013

Google Contacts 0.7b1

Google Contacts 0.7b1 is now available. As many users have reported, Google Contacts 0.6.xx do not work with Thunderbird15 and after. 0.7b1 is the first beta that addresses the compatibility issue.

In addition to the fix, 0.7b1 supports various IM account: Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo!, Skype, QQ, MSN, ICQ, Jabber.

Please try it!

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