Jun 30, 2009

New Tab Button 0.1.18

New Tab Button 0.1.18 is now available for download. It includes the following changes:
  • Changed: remove open a message by double-clicking option since Thunderbird3b3pre has the option
  • Added: open multiple messages in the same time
  • Fixed: cannot work on a Gloda Search result pane
  • Changed: support only Thunderbird3b3pre

Synchronize contacts without email addresses by Google Contacts

Thunderbird's mail lists cannot contain card without email addresses. So, if a Gmail group has contacts without email addresses is synchronized with a Thunderbird mail list, such contacts cannot be added to the mail list.

I have received many questions and requests for that. So, I addressed the problem in v0.6a3, which is a test version for Thunderbird3.

On synchronizing, if a contact does not contain an email address, it adds a fake email address, which is like xxx@pseudo.googlecontacts. The address is used only for keeping a card in a mail list and will not appear at Google side.

In order to use the functionality, check the option in "Email address complement" in the Conversion tab of the option dialog.

Jun 8, 2009

New Tab Button 0.1.17

A new option is added to New Tab Button 0.1.17: "Hide tab bar when only one tab is opened". It just sets up mail.tabs.autoHide preference, which is Thunderbird3's hidden option.

By the way, I've been asked about auto update of the addon many times. You cannot receive update notification since it is an experimental addon at AMO. And I don't plan to make it public until Thunderbird3 is released. So, please check this blog or AMO regularly.

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