Jan 16, 2011

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b7

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b7 is now available. In this beta, a transparency of the thread pane color can be changed. See the "Thread pane style" option, which was added in the previous beta. You can change it by either moving the slider bar or input value to the text box. The change is applied after restarting Thunderbird.

Jan 10, 2011

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b6

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b6 is now available. In this beta, an extra option is added: changing background color of tagged messages in the thread pane. You can enable this function by checking "Change background colors of tagged messages" in the option dialog. Background colors are changed after restarting Thunderbird.

I'm glad if you like this new function. And if you have any suggestion for it, please let me know.

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