Jun 13, 2010

Google Contacts 0.6.32

I've released Google Contacts 0.6.32. It includes many bug fixes and new functions. I recommend you to update if you use v0.6.xx.

Change log:
  • Added: sync birthday fields
  • Added: sync nickname
  • Added: option to derive first and last names from display name
  • Added: sync web page fields
  • Added: sync custom fields
  • Added: sync contacts photos (read only)
  • Added: support Thunderbird3.1
  • Fixed: cannot copy/move cards from a Google account to another account
  • Fixed: a message pops up when sending a email
  • Fixed: failed to sync a card which was modified several times
  • Fixed: "mail list already exists" error is shown for system groups
  • Fixed: cannot add a card on batch mode
  • Fixed: cannot modify mail list on batch mode
  • Fixed: deleting items in Google is ignored in Thunderbird
  • Fixed: cannot remove primary email in Thunderbird
  • Fixed: Primary Email will become same as Secondary Email when Primary is removed
  • Fixed: gmcont.XXX.org_name in prefs.js will increase infinitely
  • Fixed: exception will be thrown when a profile is shared among different OSs
  • Fixed: Batch mode and backup function do not work with Portable Thunderbird
  • Fixed: cannot save password if password is changed

Check and Send 0.9.20

I've uploaded Check and Send 0.9.20. It fixes the following problems:
  • Fixed: "Ignore the occurrences in quoted text" option does not work
  • Fixed: Support Thunderbird 3.1
  • Fixed: Change homepage URL
  • Added: cs locale

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