Apr 7, 2009

Open a new tab by mouse clicking

I didn't know a way to open new tab except for the context menu in Thunderbird3. So, I implemented a functionality to open a tab by message double-clicking in New Tab Button extension.

But I found that middle mouse clicking opens a message in a tab. It is very convenient method which Thunderbird3 originally has. Try it if you did't know the functionality.


Andy D. said...

Hi. I don't know if this is the right way to get ahold of you, but I thought I'd try. Thank you so much for developing this addon. It is greatly needed. Say, I just downloaded and installed Version 0.5.51 and can't get it to quite work.

Here are my settings: Max contacts=500, interactive, load@startup, confirm b4 delete, max # backups=10, Dont use disk cache, remove disk cache on finishing, mapping <=> Group Disabled.

After Restarting Thunderbird, I found a 'Google-Andy.XXXXXXXX@Gmail.com' address book, but it was empty. When I add entries to it, I can see it in Gmail, but when I add entries to Gmail, they don't show up in that Thunderbird Addressbook. Do you have an idea what the problem might be?

h.ogi said...

It seems there is not problem in your settings. If the synchronization succeed, the status bar shows "Andy.XXXXXXXX@Gmail.com was synchronized". What does the bar say?

And please let me know the error messages in the Error Console and other extensions you installed.

Andy D. said...

Thanks for your help! When I start Thunderbird, it does seem to flash "Andy.XXXXXXXX@Gmail.com was synchronized" for an instant before displaying other messages as well. The error Console does not seem to have any errors in it. (I opened the error console, pressed the "All" button, and nothing appeared). Here are the extensions I have installed:

Folderpane Tools
Google Contacts :)
Mouse Gestures Redox
SmartSave Thunderbird Extension
Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export.

Thanks again for your help! If you'd like to have this conversation off of the blog, an email address of mine is :


I hope you can decipher that. Darn spam robots. :)

h.ogi said...

I put v0.5.52b1 on my home page. I hope it will solve the case.

There is no problem in keeping your comments on this blog. They will help other users who have similar problems to yours.

Andy D. said...

The update didn't make a difference for me.

Can we please take this conversation to email? It takes about 10 clicks for me to get back into the comments section of this entry of your blog, solve the captcha, log in, and post a message. Perhapse we can talk via email and then when we've solved it, one of us can post the solution here? Thank you so much. :)

h.ogi said...

I've send you an email. Didn't it reach you?

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