Jun 13, 2010

Google Contacts 0.6.32

I've released Google Contacts 0.6.32. It includes many bug fixes and new functions. I recommend you to update if you use v0.6.xx.

Change log:
  • Added: sync birthday fields
  • Added: sync nickname
  • Added: option to derive first and last names from display name
  • Added: sync web page fields
  • Added: sync custom fields
  • Added: sync contacts photos (read only)
  • Added: support Thunderbird3.1
  • Fixed: cannot copy/move cards from a Google account to another account
  • Fixed: a message pops up when sending a email
  • Fixed: failed to sync a card which was modified several times
  • Fixed: "mail list already exists" error is shown for system groups
  • Fixed: cannot add a card on batch mode
  • Fixed: cannot modify mail list on batch mode
  • Fixed: deleting items in Google is ignored in Thunderbird
  • Fixed: cannot remove primary email in Thunderbird
  • Fixed: Primary Email will become same as Secondary Email when Primary is removed
  • Fixed: gmcont.XXX.org_name in prefs.js will increase infinitely
  • Fixed: exception will be thrown when a profile is shared among different OSs
  • Fixed: Batch mode and backup function do not work with Portable Thunderbird
  • Fixed: cannot save password if password is changed


Anonymous said...

Not all contact pictures show up. Tried refreshing several times an no luck.

Anonymous said...

Google Contacts is fantastic. Please keep on working on it.
Coould you add more elaborate options to convert postal addresses, so one can use this format, for example (used on HTC Desire, and probably other Android phones):
*City*, *State/Province* *ZIP Code*

Also, Google Contacts does not fill out needed fields online, but just "Address 1 - Formatted" (in google .csv export), while it leaves other fields (Street, City, PO Box, Postal Code, Country and Extended Address) empty.

Anonymous said...

After synchronizing first name and last name fields become empty in thunderbird. "derive first name and last name from display name" works fine for 1 word for first name and 1 word for last name, it´s not always happens (my last name has 2 words for example)

Anonymous said...

If I restore from backup the contacts in google, then in thunderbird many contacts (almost all) with 2 mail address will have the first address OK, in the secondary mail address field also the primary address. I fixed it editing ALL contacts in google (and saving them without changes).
Happens in gmail and in google apps.

Damien said...

Dear Ogi san

Thank you very much for this excellent add-on which I have just discovered, it does exactly what I was looking for ! I hope you will be able to continue improving it in the future.

One suggestion for the "Derive Last Name..." feature: provide options for field order (first name + last name or last name + first name)

Many thanks again.

Damien said...

One more suggestion, it would be nice in the "Groups mapping" to be able to either

- exclude "Other" contacts, i.e. synchronize all the people under "My Contacts" as well as all the groups. This way it would not synchronize the automatically added addresses, as well as contacts added without an e-mail address (e.g. when using Picasa people).

- or, alternatively, provide an option to select multiple groups to synchronize which would allow me to do the same thing.


ayespy said...

If the login name is "recent:xxxx" then the app will not log in.

So, I cannot use it, because I have to leave all my email apps that use the gmail POP3 protocol set to "recent:" in order to have access to all emails at all sources.

h.ogi said...

To ayespy:

Open option and add your email address(including "@") to Accounts section. And if recent:xxx is shown in the section, uncheck it.

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