Jan 12, 2008

Earth-friendly search engine

goo, a japanese portal site, has started earth-friendly search called "goo green label". If you search web by it, goo donates 15% of their income to NGO. Namely, your search will save the earth! Read about goo green label for the detail.

The page is simple and cool like Google top page. You can also see trees under the search box. The tree grow by your search. Note that it does not mean the number of trees goo planted. It only shows how many time the engine was used; one tree means 100 search. goo uses Google's database, so the search result is same as the one by Google. Therefore goo can show sufficient result even if you are non-japanese speaker.

goo also provides an extension for Firefox. It adds "goo green label" to the search box. I also recommend you the extension. It also changes background images of toolbars and status bar. If you feel difficult to see, you can remove the images by the extension's option.

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