Jan 27, 2008

Gmail IMAP Account Setup v1.2.10

I've updated a Thunderbird extension: Gmail IMAP Account Setup, which can assist you to setup Thunderbird for Gmail IMAP. In this version, it automatically sets up the followings based on Google's recommended settings:
  • synchronize the sent folder
  • do not copy a sent message to the sent folder; Gmail handles it
  • synchronize the drafts folder
  • save a draft to the drafts folder
  • synchronize the spam folder
  • add option to enable Thunderbird's spam control to the account wizard
  • synchronize the trash folder
  • set a message "mark as deleted" when it is deleted
    • On Gmail's IMAP, deleting a message from a folder is different from moving a message to trash folder. The former meas removing label of Gmail and the latter means moving the message to the Gmail's trash. In other words, a message deleted by the former way still exists in the all mails folder, but a message deleted by the latter way is in trash and will be deleted after 30 days. Please note the difference.
  • set browser.cache.memory.capacity to 31457280; it will improve the performance of TB
  • set mail.server.serverXXX.fetch_by_chunks to false; it fixes the problem with huge attachments
  • setup SMTP server
After you install the extension to Thunderbird, you can setup Gmail IMAP account from File->New->Account menu. If you suceed to setup, your folders will be like the image. Please note you must get Gmail account and enables IMAP before you use this extension.

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