Mar 2, 2008

Check and Send 0.8.00b6

Check and Send 0.8.00b6 is available for download now.
An alert for a recipients' name checking is changed in this version; Only names to be rewritten are popuped. Moreover, sending is aborted when you click the cancel button in the alert.

I'm going to fix functionalities of 0.8 by this version and localize newly added strings in the next beta.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this update, but it appears that no mail can be sent anymore with this beta when selecting "Nothing is done" in the recipient tab. Used to work properly in the previous beta though.

h.ogi said...

Thanks for the report.
I've fixed the problem.
Please download it again.

Anonymous said...

Just tried to download beta 6, but only beta 2 is there!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, found it again :)
And the issue is corrected

h.ogi said...

> Just tried to download beta 6, but only beta 2 is there!!!
Sorry, I've fixed it.

Anonymous said...

And the features seem to be working as expected!

Anonymous said...

2 suggestion :

1 (problem) - match by regular-expression doesn't work when j use the negative-form (using "!" as first character) to match not existing words (instead of existing):

2 (new feauture) - new option to check words ONLY in subject instead TOO

Regards and compliment for extension


h.ogi said...


> 1 (problem)
! does not mean negation in regular expressions. Please refer to MDC for meta characters:
If you want to nagate the condition, set the menulist above the keyword to "don't appear".

> 2 (new feauture)
Check both "Check the subject, too" and "Check only subject".

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot !
But seems that :

1 - the negative form is by use "!" as prefix (j think).. and altought also with use of "don't appear" the re with "|" for several words does not function very well...

2 - in some cases "seems" that the check look also into the body, even if after the condition is applied properly only to subject (this is expensive for time).

J will report more debug info in next days.

h.ogi said...

For 1:
"!" is an operator, not a prefix in general; it is true in JavaScript, on which Thunderbird and extensions based. A string you input to the form is parsed as a regular expression by JavaScript interpreter. So, you have to follow its syntax.

I have tested "|" and it seemed that it worked correctly. Please confirm your regular expression is correct. If you simply specify several words, uncheck the "interpret the query as a regular expression" option and input words separating them by "|". Please note that a blank is not igonred. See this post for details.

For 2:
I haven't reproduce the case yet. Are there any error messages in the error console?

h.ogi said...

I've found the problem 2!
I'll fix it in the next beta.

h.ogi said...

I've fixed the problem in beta8.
Can you install and test it?

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