Nov 23, 2007

Tip for Check and Send

I've asked about keywords for attachment checking of Check and Send: one of my extension for Thunderbird. The user can finally check a message as he want but the trouble is one in which many users may involve. So, I write about it.

You can set multiple keywords for word/attachment checking by using "|" except for when you use regular expression. The user inserted blanks before and after the "|". The extension does not ignore blanks in the keywords, so it does not work as he want.

See the following example. Assume that you set "file| attachment | attached" as keywords for attachment checking and you wrote a message including "Please see the attachment." without attatchment files. You may think the "attachment" in the keywords will match with the sentence but, indeed, it does not match since "." follows the "attachment" in the sentence, not a blank. You should remove blanks from key words like "file|attachment|attached" if you want to match the keyword with the sentence.

Check your keywords if you cannot check a message as you want.


Anonymous said...

Would be handy to know whose regular expressions set is available in the Check and Send plug-in. Are they PCRE (Perl Core RegEx)? For example, to search for words, you could use:


which would match on attach, attached, attachment, or attachments and wouldn't matter if there were trailing periods before or after the word, like ".attached.". The \b matches on a word boundary and not just a space character. Using the word boundary eliminates matching on, say, "nonattached". I don't remember if "-" would be included as a word boundary, so looking for "non-attached" would require something a more complicated expression, like maybe (I'm just guessing on the fly here):


I can't remember if ^ (normally a line-begin anchor) would instead here act as a NOT operator. But you get the idea. Knowing what regex parser is being used would help understand just what regex you could define.

h.ogi said...

It is paresed as a JavaScript's regular expression. Please refer to the following page for details:

The option is experimental, so I did not check whether the all meta charactors are available or not. If you find problems about it, please let me know.


Unknown said...

I would love to be able block "send" if reciever is in my adressbook folder and I am sending message from given email.

Also new version do not work on TB.

Serge said...
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Serge said...

In Ubunto 14.04 (see also "Check and Send" ver 0.9.27 will prevent Thunderbird 45.2.0 to send mail (ie nothing happens, the window of "Check and Send" appears and disappears but the window of the mail to be sent remains visible).
Whne the extension is disable and TB restarted the mail is sent without problems.

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