Apr 26, 2008

Tag Toolbar 0.7.30

Tag Toolbar 0.7.30 is available for download now. It includes the following fix:
  • Fixed: a setting for hiding access keys is not saved
I recommend all users to update.

Apr 21, 2008

Updates: Tag Toolbar, Priority Switcher, Gmail IMAP Account Setup

I've updated Tag Toolbar, Priority Switcher, Gmail IMAP Account Setup. You can download them from my homepage.

Tag Toolbar 0.7.20:

  • Fixed: a tag toolbar will be hidden when Lightning 0.8 is installed
  • Fixed: zh-CN strings is not translated fully (Thanks fiag!)
  • Added: tags can be sorted by alphabetical order in the Category Editor

Priority Switcher 0.4.70:

  • Added: finnish locale is added (Thanks MiK546!)

Gmail IMAP Account Setup 1.4.40:

  • Fixed: a starred icon does not appear on some themes

Apr 15, 2008

Supporting Lightning 0.8

Lightning 0.8, which was released recently, has a task mode and some of my extensions involve errors due to the newly added mode. I know the following extensions have a problem so far:
  • Maximize Message Pane: error messages are shown when you change a mode
  • Tag Toolbar: a tag toolbar is not shown when you back to the mail mode from other two mode
I've released Maximize Message Pane 1.0.00b3 and Tag Toolbar 0.7.20b1, which fix the problems, on my homepage. If you know other problems due to Lightning, please let me know. I'll fix them.

Apr 12, 2008

Tag Toolbar 0.7.10

Tag Toolbar 0.7.10 is available for download now. The key feature that is added in this version is a multiple tag toolbar. One or more toolbars are added when a tag toolbar overflows. In order to use this functionality, specify maximum number of tag toolbars in advance.

Basically, I released new version after it had been approved by AMO reviewers. However, they seems to be busy for reviewing add-ons which support Firefox3. I submitted it about 2 weeks ago, but it is still waiting for approval. So, I decided to release it only on my Homepage. Thus, it is not updated automaticall yet; please download it and install manually. If you don't want to do it, please wait until it is approved by AMO.

Changes from previous version, Tag Toolbar 0.6.20, are as follows:
  • Added: add a new toolbar automatically when a tag toolbar overflows (set maximum number of toolbars before you use this functionality)
  • Added: a button/menu to add/remove all tags in a category
  • Added: the category editor shows a query of a saved search category
  • Added: a tooltip of a saved search category shows a query of it
  • Fixed: the category editor is too narrow in some languages
  • Fixed: some icons are missing in some themes
  • Fixed: unnecessary updates of a tag toolbar on startup of Thunderbird
Thank you for your joining for the beta test and useful feedbacks!

Apr 8, 2008

Feature request and support thread

This is support and discussion thread about my extensions.
Please feel free to post your comments here, including feature requests, questions and bug reports.

Please include the following information when you ask questions or report bugs:
  • OS
  • version of an extension
  • version of Thunderbird
  • installed extensions
  • installed themes
  • error messages in an error console
The error console can be opend by Tools->Error Console menu. I've developed several add-ons. Please write the add-on name you want to mention, too.

Apr 2, 2008

Attachments will be something like "Part1.2" on Thunderbird with Gmail IMAP

You probably have seen that attachment files of a message became a strange name such as "Part1.2". It seems that it will happen when you open a message with two or more attachments whose name include non-ascii characters and the problem stems from the way of fetching a message.

If you troubles with the matter, set mail.server.serverXXX.mime_parts_on_demand to false, where serverXXX is a server key of a Gmail IMAP server. In case you don't know the server key, type server in the Config Editor's filter. You will find the mail.server.serverXXX.name whose value is an account name of Gmail IMAP. Use the serverXXX for the mime_parts_on_demand option.

Please note that once you set this option to false, entire message including attachments is fetch when you open a message. Therefore, this workaround may lower the performance of your Thunderbird.

For information of this option, refer to MozillaZine knowledge base.

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