Apr 8, 2008

Feature request and support thread

This is support and discussion thread about my extensions.
Please feel free to post your comments here, including feature requests, questions and bug reports.

Please include the following information when you ask questions or report bugs:
  • OS
  • version of an extension
  • version of Thunderbird
  • installed extensions
  • installed themes
  • error messages in an error console
The error console can be opend by Tools->Error Console menu. I've developed several add-ons. Please write the add-on name you want to mention, too.


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Anonymous said...

I use Thunderbird tags to track company ticket numbers. As such, I'd really like an option to set a category to "autosort" so that if I add a new (ticket number) tag, it stays sorted (in numerical order).

Now if I could get around having to make tag categories of "018[5-9]" (for #185000 - #189999) and "019[0-4]" (for #190000 - #194999) just to keep the lists at manageable sizes, it'd be even better. That's a somewhat harder goal, however, and might need adaptive category name prefix reducing.

Otherwise great toolbar! Thunderbird tags would be unusable with my list of 3,000-something tags (tickets) without it.

h.ogi said...

Thank you for the request.
How about adding a sort button to the category editor?

Magritte said...

Can you clarify how your GMail IMAP setup extension deals with the trash folder. I'm afraid to install it until I know what the delete key will do...

As I understand, it will assign the [Gmail]/Trash folder as the account trash folder, but setup the account NOT to send deleted messages to the trash? Is that correct? So if I select a message(s) and delete them, they will only be deleted from the current folder (current label removed) but not deleted from all folders as if I had movied it to the trash folder?

What would be really nice, if you could add it to the extension (or create a separate extension for those who don't need/want the auto account setup) is to have 1 or 2 extra buttons in the toolbar called "archive", and "delete". "delete" would move the selected message(s) to the trash, and "archive" would move the selected message(s) to the [Gmail]/All Mail folder (or simply mark the message for deletion on the server). This would then be more similar to the web based Gmail interface and also allow archiving and deleting of messages more easily without having to actually drag them to the appropriate folder. Especially if you have multiple Gmail accounts, it can be confusing finding the right folder in the right account (and they may not be visible if you're in the unread or favourites folder views) so this would be very convenient...

Arguably, it also makes sense to synchronize the All Mail folder as this is where you will find all your archived messages that aren't in the other folders. But I suppose this is a personal preference if you want to maintain a local copy of this folder or just keep it on the server and access as needed.


h.ogi said...

If you delete a message by the remove button or context menus, a label is removed and the message still remains in the ALl Mail folder. A message is removed when you move the message to the trash folder.

The extension sets up account by following Google's recommended settings. So, please refer to the page for detail.

Anonymous said...

This extension crashes my Thunderbird (version whenever I try to run it (Thunderbird).

h.ogi said...

Which extension do you talk about?
And please let me know other installed extensions and error messages in the error console.

MagicFab said...

I can't seem to sync entries that do not have a primary email address set. is this normal ? Is there any way to sync such entries ?

Thank you.

h.ogi said...

Google does not allow a contact without an email address. So, such card is rejected.

Victor said...

Very cool. I setup Gmail IMAP myself, then found your add-on so removed the Gmail account I had setup, installed your plug-in and used your Gmail IMAP wizard. I got a funk error saying "Gmail folders could not be setup, please setup manually" or something like that. Tried removing the account and re-running wizard, same thing. Removed account, restarted Thunderbird and re-ran wizard, worked like a charm.

h.ogi said...

What language do you use for Gmail? In order to find folders such as the Drafts folder, you have to use the same language for both Thunderbird and Gmail.

Citizento said...

Thnaks for this extension. About creating a new address book for each gmail account: what if I want to work with just one address book and sync my thunderbird address book with gmail and nothing more? Can I sync the thunderbird one with the one created by the extension? You can tell me if I'm crazy :).

Joshua said...

Thank you so much for this essential addon! My only request is that you set the "IMAP Server Directory" (under Account Settings -> Server Settings -> Advanced) to "[Gmail]" - this will remove the extra hierarchy and put the Gmail folders at the same level as Inbox. If I set this after I run your wizard, I lose all of the custom icons that you kindly put in place (Draft, Sent, Starred - all look like generic folders).

Thanks again!

h.ogi said...

To: citizento

This extension create address books for each accounts and bind them. If you modify a card in an address book in Thunderbird, the Gmail contact bound to the adress book is updated automatically. If you don't need address book you created, copy cards in it to the address book that the extension created and remove the original one.

h.ogi said...

To: joshua

The extension assumes these folders exist under the {Gmail] or [Google Mail] folder. To recover the icon, open the Config Editor and serch "gimapisp". You will find prefs such as mail.server.server1.gmailimap_starred and mail.server.server1.gmailimap_trash.
The extension set icons by seeing the prefs. So, remove {Gmail]/ from the path specified as the value of the pref. After the restart of TB, starred and trash icons will come back.

TB has UI to specify the drafts and sent folder in the account settings. Please re-specify the folders again.

BTW, if you set "IMAP Server Directory" to [Gmail], labels which do not start with [Gmail] do not appear in Thunderbird. Is it OK for you?

Once I tried to support the setting, but I found the problem. It was easily able to predict that many users would ask me for it regardless it is not a problem of the extension. So, I decided not to implement that.

a tag toolbar fan! said...

Just like to say that the Tag Toolbar for TB is an awesome add-in - it certainly makes tags worthwhile in TB!

However, I'm having a few stability problems. I have around 15 tags in total. If I apply a tag (whether through tag toolbar or r.click>tag) and then try and remove that same tag, TB occasionally locks-up. I have to restart. If I then try and modify the same email with tags the crash can be reproduced. This doesn't happen if I tag a different email after restarting.

I have no other add-ons installed, using TB on Win 2k.

Is it possible TBs tags have somehow become corrupted? I am also using a lot of search folders, could this cause the problem?

Any help appreciated!

h.ogi said...

Compacting folders may fix your problem. Please refer to the post, too. Don't forget to backup your profile before you try it since it may mess your mail DB up.

I don't know what you should exactly do next since I'm just an extension developer. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I installed Google Contacts in latest Thunderbird. Worked ok, but then I tried moving a bunch of other contacts from a different address book into the one created by G.C. This resulted in a bunch of duplicates (I was hoping to somehow get them to merge but didn't work). So, to reset things I uninstalled G.C., deleted the Address Book it created, then reinstalled and restarted, expecting it to start from scratch. But now, nothing happens, even when clicking the reload button.

I checked my Gmail account, and all the contacts are there and intact, but now G.C. just won't download anything.

So, what do I have to edit or delete in order to get Google Contacts to start over from the start?

h.ogi said...

Please find preferences start with "gmcont." and reset all of them by the Config Editor. It resets Google Contacts.

Anonymous said...

I find Google Contacts very useful!

However, I'd like to make a couple of feature requests is possible:

1. The possibility of syncing Google contact groups as Thunderbird address books instead of Lists. Maybe by default they'd be lists but in the preferences you could select a Group to be treated as a separate address book instead. The reason this would be useful is you could then add contacts directly to a Google group from say a message header, rather than have to first add it to the main list then manually add it to a group. Also, Google has the nasty habit of adding everyone you send mail to to your contacts. So you may have a group for people you really want in your address book and would prefer to sync that group with Thunderbird rather than the main contact list.

2. Offline support. It seems the extension tries to contact Google even if Thunderbird is loaded offline. It shouldn't do this. Also, changes made in Thunderbird while offline (or with a lost network connection) will be lost. It would be much better if they weren't lost and were synced the next time a connection was possible...

Thanks for your great work!

h.ogi said...

Offline support is added to v0.3.00. Please try it.

xaueious said...

The extension doesn't seem to show any of the contacts I have with duplicate names. What can I do?

h.ogi said...

The extension identifies a contact by a primary email and a name. If a contact does not have a primary email, its name must be unique. I recommend you to use unique names for contacts.

Anonymous said...

I assume I am missing something obvious, but I can't find the download anywhere. I have V 0.2.100 installed, and am not getting all of the contacts in the appropriate groups. I was trying to dl V 0.3 to see if it works for me, but can't find the dl. Thanks for pointing me to the right url.

h.ogi said...

The server at which the download page is placed is down now. Please wait until it is recovered.

Anyway, there is no difference in the group synchronization between v0.2 and v0.3. Please tell me the details.

Are there any error messages in the error cosole?

Bob H said...

About the contacts issue above from Anon...
I am using TB (20080708) and Contacts 0.2.100

I just uninstalled Contacts planning to install V 0.3, and reinstalled it since .3 is not available and I wanted to proceed with you (all of this is FYI).

The first time I installed I set the Contact limit to 9999 since I did not know the Google limit (0=Google limit). I only got 24-25 contacts and read your post that this was an issue with this setting, so I made it 1000 (I deleted many contacts yesterday to get it under 1000 since it gave my iPhone sync a problem). This brought in most of the contacts if not all, but very few (the original 24-25?) in the groups (Family, Friends, Work, Businesses, Travel).

After the reinstall, I set the limit to 1000, set the load at startup checkbox, and see the same thing as before (contacts seem to be in the Google-x@googlemail.com folder, but 3 of the groups are empty and the others are missing contacts. Also at least some of the entries are missing data (left over issues from the prior load?).

Can I clean restart? Is this the best method?


h.ogi said...

I need error messages to judge whether it is a bug or not. Please show me errors in the console editor. You can invoke it by the Tools->Error Console menu.

If you have ever synchronized contacts by v0.3.00 and v0.2.90 or before, the contacts which have fields whose value includes / are broken. So, please recreate these contacts.

Phillip said...

Dear H. Ogi,

I'm reporting a problem of "Check and Send" when combined with "Mail Tweak". Both are up-to-date and no other Add-ons are needed to replicate the problem:

Check and send does no longer ask before sending mail.

Im not sure yet, if this is linked to the "Collected Reply" feature in Mail Tweak or not.

Do you have any hint how to solve the problem?

Thanks a lot,
Phillip Hahn

TB said...

Does Google (and this extension) require a Gmail account to use Contacts? I have a Google Account that I use regularly, but haven't made a Gmail account and am not planning on it (Google then *requires* all logins to be gmail, something I'm not using).

I have done some event invites and such in Google Calendar and it looks as if Google remembers people's names and addresses for future events, so it must be storing them somewhere. So I'm hoping the Contacts API can access them.

h.ogi said...

I don't know it is available without a Gmail account. Anyway, why don't you try it?

jaysonfire said...

For the Priority Switcher, I was wondering if it is possible to add additional toolbar buttons keyboard shortcuts for single priorities. That is, a button or shortcut to set the priority to, say, High, and a separate one to set the priority to Normal.

If not, I'd love to request it (unless there's another extension that allows one to create custom shortcuts - feel free to just send me there if it exists).

Luci Sandor said...

Hi and thansk for your work. I have a suggestion for Google Contacts, or maybe two of them. If the API is broken (typical for Google, in order to force one use the web interface, filled with ads) and one cannot add/manage contacts without an email address, your extension could transparently create spoofed, hidden email addresses for such contacts. Otherwise, if you feel this is too hard or user unfriendly, the prompt "Require primary email address" should be more user friendly. When I saw the first series of 100+ such prompts, I could not understand what it means, where did come from; I supposed it came from broken IMAP settings and that my primary email address is not set. I suggest such prompt should appear only once, and the text should be somewhat longer. Thanks again,

h.ogi said...

To Phillip:

Mail Tweak conflicts with Check and Send. They overwrite the same functions and one disables the other.

I'll try to fix the problem but I cannot say when it is fixed since it is very difficult problem.

h.ogi said...

To jaysonfire:

The extension does not have shortcut keys to switch priority and I don't know whether there is an extension to realize that so far.

Anyway, it is nice feature, I think.
I'll mull it over in the future update.

h.ogi said...

To Luci Sandor:

It will show popup when the both email address and display name are empty. 0.1 series will prompt when an email address is empty regardless the display name is filled since I misunderstood the limitaion then.

I don't think it is good solution that the extension filled them if they are lacked. So, I'll improve the message.

Luci Sandor said...

great news, v 0.3 deleted all but 25 of my contacts

h.ogi said...

Do you specify the maximum number of contacts? It downloads only about 25 contacts by default.

v0.3 deletes contacts that are older than the last synchronized date and do not exist in TB but exist in Google at the first synchronization to apply offline changes. If you do not set the max number up, it download only 25 contacts and the others are deleted in Google.

I know it is a troublesome behaviour. I plan to improve it in the future update.

Fabien said...

I tried Add-on Gmail contact with Thunderbird. It succeeded to download the contact from Gmail account to Thunderbird.
But when I try to create a new contact in Thunderbird, the following message is displayed :
"Cannot connect !".

Thanks in advance.

h.ogi said...

The error message appears when there is a problem in your network. If you use anti-virus software or firewall, try the addon with disabling them.

And I uploaded a beta version, v0.3.50b1. Please try it, too. It shows alert when an error occurs. It is similar to the one you reported but it include another message following the "Cannot Connect". Please let me know the message.

phe said...

Gmail IMAP Account Setup 1.5 - Feature Request:

It would be nice to have the option to choose localisation in the setup dialogue, not just to use the localisation of Thunderbird itself.

I'm using different accounts in different languages and also the new TB-Releases ("Shredder") will be only available in english.

Maybe you could also check the compatibility with Shredder and put a release on this version, too?


h.ogi said...

I've already known Gmail IMAP Account Setup does not work on Shredder. However, I don't plan to develop a Thunderbird 3 compatible version since Thunderbird 3 are going to have such functionality. See Bug 400931 for details.

Anonymous said...

But what about the locale-functionality?

I would really like to have the option to chose my locale when setting up the account.

Is this possible?

thanks a lot,

Anonymous said...

Feature requeast for TagToolbar

Great extension, but what about an option to display the toolbar in the header section of messages instead of up w/ the global toolbars? Bonus points if this "mode" also [optionally] hid the non-tag buttons (search, category box, +/-).

But again, great extension!

h.ogi said...

To phe:

Adding a locale switching functionality is a nice idea but the current implementation cannot realize it and needs to be changed drastically.

Now, Shredder a3 will be ready soon and I should start to investigate compatibility of my addons in the near future. The changes offer many translators to modify their locales, too. However, Gmail IMAP setup is going to be supported by TB3 officialy. Therefor, I don't plan to make big changes in the addon.

h.ogi said...

To anonymous:

I don't plan to modify the header view. I tried it in the initial version but it is annoying when many tags are added or tag names are long.

The search button and the category list can be hidden. The search button is a toolbar button. So, you can remove it as you remove toolbar buttons. The category list can be hidden by right-clicking on the tag toolbar and unchecking "Category List".

The +/- button cannot be hidden so far. I'll mull over it.

phe said...


Thanks nevertheless!


Anonymous said...

Tag Toolbar feature request

Hi, great extension!. Would it be possible to get Tag Toolbar to add a header to the tagged email i.e. X-Tag, this would allow filters to be created that can pick up the headers.


Emmanuel said...

I encounter a problem creating a Gmail Imap Account using the Gmail Imap acccount Setup extension.

An "Alerte" dialog box indicates "Impossible de configurer les dossiers Brouillons, Messages envoyés, Spam, Suivi et Corbeille. Configurez manuellement ces dossiers."
Nevertheless, my Thunderbird is in French like my Gmail display language.
Any idea ?

* OS : WinXp Home SP3
Version of an extension : 1.5.10
* version of Thunderbird :
* installed extensions : Check and Send / Contact-Up-Thunderbird / DictionarySearch / Duplicate Contact Manager / Mail Redirect / Nested Quote Remover / Quicktext / Quote Colors / Talkback
* installed themes : Default
* error messages in an error console : none


h.ogi said...

To: emmanuel

Thank you for the report.
The most important strings were not translated. I've modified fr-FR locale. Please download v1.5.20 in my homepage.

I've tested and confirmed it works correctly, but folder icons may be wrong since I cannot understand French. Please let me know if I my translation is not correct.

Emmanuel said...

Thank you h.ogi for you quick answer.
Unfortunately, I still have some trouble. But I began to understand the Gmail imap account.

Version of Gmail Imap acccount Setup extension : 1.5.20

I detail them below:

Pb1 - Thunderbird requests the password for gmail-pseudo@gmail.com@imap.gmail.com.
This problem appears with V1.5.20.
This is due to the wrong user name that should be only gmail-pseudo.

Pb2 - The imap folder is not set to [Gmail].
So some unwanted folders are displayed into thunderbird.
Setting [Gmail] as the imap folder on the server solves this problem.

Pb3 - Error on Spam (Junk) folder - Unknown mailbox [Gmail]/Spam
I retry to select it 1 mn later and it works 8-)

Rem1 - Still don't know how to associate all the thunderbird folder icon to the Gmail folder.
For inbox it is automatic.
I have found it for Brouillon (Draft) through the account setup in "Brouillons et modèles" (Drafts and model".
I have found it for Spam (Junk) through the account setup in "Paramètres pour les indésirables" (Junk parameters).

h.ogi said...

Pb1 - Thunderbird requests the password for gmail-pseudo@gmail.com@imap.gmail.com.

It is correct setting. See Google's help page

Pb2 - The imap folder is not set to [Gmail].

The extension set up accounts by following Google's recommended settings. So, it does not set [Gmail] to the IMAP server directory. And I don't plan to add the functionality. After you set the IMAP server directory, labels which do not start with [Gmail]/ do not appear in Thunderbird. Is it OK for you?

Pb3 - Error on Spam (Junk) folder - Unknown mailbox [Gmail]/Spam
I retry to select it 1 mn later and it works 8-)

Rem1 - Still don't know how to associate all the thunderbird folder icon to the Gmail folder.

The extension assumes the IMAP server directory is empty, i.e. all Gmail folders are mapped under the [Gmail] directory. So, if you set it as [Gmail], the extension cannot detect these folders and cannot set icons. It's not a bug.

Anonymous said...

I use the password manager in Thunderbird to save my password for my gmail account.

Rather frequently, the program gives me an error message "Invalid credentials(Failure)" when trying to login and update gmail mailboxes. Once you click okay it asks for my password again, but the password is already filled in.

Usually when this happens it will not correct itself and continues to fail even if I repeatedly re-enter my password. Many times the only way to fix the problem is to close thunderbird.

I am not certain whether this is a problem with the link to gmail - which it seems to be - or a problem with Thunderbird. Either way, it is really annoying to basically have to close and reopen Thurnderbird 10 and 12 times a day because it refuses to accept my password.

Anonymous said...

Related to Thunderbird Addon tag toolbar:

If I double click on an email and open it in a new window, pressing Alt Tab causes the email to be deleted (the next email comes up).

After much digging, I traced it to this addon. Once I disabled the addon, the problem went away.

Tag toolbar version:0.7.70
Thunderbird version:

h.ogi said...

To the post at October 22, 2008 3:13 AM:

I've ever experienced the same problem. It is a problem of Thunderibrd or Gmail. I don't have a solution for that and I don't think it could be fixed by an addon.

h.ogi said...

To the post at October 22, 2008 5:54 PM:

What OS do you use?
I use WinXP and Alt+tab is reserved for switching windows. So, I couldn't reproduce the problem.

Anyway, Tag Toolbar does not have a functionality to remove a message. Does it really caused by Tag Toolbar? Don't you custmize bind keys?

roamingraven said...


How about adding those two additional buttons for removing and archiving messages with Gmail IMAP Account Setup? Or maybe as a separate extension?

It's tiresome to drag and drop messages to trash folder if you receive many of them. Especially when you happen to be using touchpad.

Anyway, thanks for this nevertheless great extension and keep up the good work!

lee bazalgette said...


Really like the speed and ease of teh Google Addressbook plugin. However, I wondered if there was a way to get the addresses to format properly in Thunderbird, a bit like they have done with Zindus?

OS: Win XP / OSx
Thunderbird 2


George said...

+1 to everyone asking for "archive/delete" buttons in the Gmail IMAP Account Setup -- but I think something different might be in order.

h.ogi, thank you for the extension. It makes sense to leave the "delete message" functionality to remove a tag name, as that is the expected behavior as stated in the Gmail IMAP suggestions.

But it also seems very likely that many would like the ability to delete and get expected behavior in Thunderbird as opposed to expected behavior in Gmail -- that is, move the message to Trash.

What may be easiest is to leave the delete function as it is, and to add a menu item/keyboard shortcut to explicitly "move to Trash" in the current account. Ctrl-Del?

h.ogi said...

To lee bazalgette:

I've added postal address conversion to Google Contacts v0.5b1. Please try it.

h.ogi said...

To George:

I've mulled over the functionality but I've not decided the spec yet. Adding keyboard shortcut is a nice solution, I think.

George said...

I installed keyconfig and implemented the feature as a keyboard shortcut "Move to Google Trash":


If the current email (or emails) selected are in a Gmail IMAP folder, they get moved to the trash; if they are not in a Gmail IMAP folder, nothing happens.

George said...

Also, I believe I found a minor cosmetic bug:

After installing the extension, if one creates a regular IMAP account through the wizard, the confirmation page at the end that lists the account's settings contains the Gmail IMAP extension text instead of the regular Thunderbird text.

h.ogi said...

To: George

Thank you for the bug report.
I've fixed it in v1.6.10b3.

AW said...

Magic..Does what is says. Finally a simple quick and easy way to get my gmail contacts into TB. Thanks

I would like to add the posibility of merging all gmail contact/address books into 1 central address book.

I've 2 gmail address books. Each is downloaded in to a separate TB/Gmail Address book. Yet I'd like all the contacts to go into TB's personal address book

Anonymous said...

I use maximize message pane (1.0.00b3) with the latest stable TB (the prblem was the same with earlier version of TB and MMP though.

The problem is that the |< << > etc. buttons donät work anymore. They worked when I started to use the extension but do not anymore.

I can see the subject & header info change but the actual email body stays the same.

so when I click << or >> only the message subject changes and I have to click > to make the body change also. Maybe that is by design?

Anyway I would prefer there was a button that opens the next (or previous) message maximized with only one button.

h.ogi said...

To AW:

Google Contacts provides bi-directional access between Thunderbird address book and Google contacts. Namely, when you add card to an address book, a contact is added to Google.

If all accounts are collected into one address book, it cannot decide an account to be synchronized when you add a card to the address book.

h.ogi said...

To Anonymous at November 25, 2008 8:47 PM

Check the check box, which is labeled "Select", at right of the navigation bar.

Anonymous said...

I feel embarrassed :) Thanks, that was it.

Michael said...

I am using googlecontacts 0.4.20 with thunderbird 2.0. I am not able to sync all my groups. I have 740 google contacts and three groups each with about 70 contacts in them. But, googlecontacts only 'sees' 2 google groups and does not see the third. what can I do? -- thanks.

h.ogi said...

Is the missing group's name unique in all address books in Thunderbird?

Thunderbird does not allow groups which have the same name even if each group exists in a different address boos.

If the name is unique, it may be a bug. Please let me know error codes in the Error Console. And tell me other extensions you installed, too.

david said...

Google Contacts 0.4.20 on Tbird on XP SP2. I have 1 contact that refuses to sync. It is on my gmail, but Tbird doesn't show it. If I delete the contact on gmail and try to create it in Tbird I get a message at the bottom on Tbird something like "Google contact was not created and will be deleted on next reload". My contact email is formatted like xxxx_xxxx@hotmail.com.

h.ogi said...

Hi david,

The message appears when some errors happen inside a Google's server.

I added aaa_bbb@hotmail.com to my address book but it is added correctly without error messages. So, the "_" is not a problem.

Does the contact have any other information? These may include errors.

Anonymous said...

I used Google Sync to sync my Blackberry's contacts with Gmail. All went well.
Then I used the Google Contacts Add-On to sync Gmail with Thunderbird. Thunderbird created a new address book, as it does with the first sync, and although it synchronized, the "Name" field in Thunderbird contains nothing more than the first half of the email address. In other words, instead of containing "John Doe", it contains "J.Doe157" (if the email address was J.Doe157@xyz.com".
Please tell me what I can do to correct this issue.

h.ogi said...

Google Contacts does not convert a name field; if Gmail's name field is filled, Google Contacts will use it, otherwise, the field will be empty.

Doesn't Google Sync change the field?

George Carvill george AT carvill.net said...

I find a conflict between Tag Toolbar 0.7.80 and MoreLayoutsforThunderbird 1.4.

I recently added Morelayouts. When it is active, the Tag Toolbar only shows the search, not the tags. When it isn't active, I can see the tags.

But I want some of what the Morelayouts gives me. Specifically, I have customized my main toolbar to include a link to the calendar and another to the tasks.

Any ideas?

AboutConfig 0.6
Contacts Add BCC button 0.0.5
Duplicate Contact Manager 0.6
Lightning 0.9
Mail Tweak 1.0pre2
MoreLayoutforThunderbird 1.4
Provider for Google Calendar 0.5.1
QuickNote 0.6.04
syncSW 1.179
Tag Toolbar 0.7.80
Timestamp 0.5.1

h.ogi said...

To George Carvill george AT carvill.net:

Thanks for the report.
I could reproduce the issue.
As you said, it conflicts with MoreLayouts at a startup initialization.

Fixing the problem will take some time because I have to read the code of MoreLayouts and find a solution. For a workaround, right click on the toolbar and select the "Update Tag Bar" menu. Then tags will appear.

Michael S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael S. said...

I would love the option to sync with the Personal Address Book. I know that trying to sync multiple accounts with the same address book would be difficult at best but at least give the option to sync one of them with the Personal Address Book. I'm only syncing one account and it doesn't make since to have to have an extra address book just because I can't use Thunderbird default.

George Carvill george AT carvill.net said...

Thanks. The work around works. It's very easy (once you know about it) so it certainly reduces the urgency of a fix.

Michael S. said...

Also, in the Google Contacts extension, is there any way to set a line break as the address delimiter?

Anonymous said...

windows xp
google contacts 0.4.20

the extension used to work very well.
it's a couple of week now that when i start TB after a while i receive a message that a script stopped working, asking me if i want to stop the script or try to continue.
if i stop it, everything works fine.
the script is from google-contacts, as i found out by activating the various addons installed on my computer.

Anonymous said...

again me.
it works, but it does not update the groups.

h.ogi said...

To Michael S.

> I would love the option to sync with the Personal Address Book.
I don't plan to add an option to use Personal Address Book. In order to implement such a functionality, I have to investigate an impact of handling a TB's reserved mail list and avoid conflictions with functions of TB or other add-ons. Moreover, I have to add many error-proof functions for multi-account users. Adding the functionality will complicate the program.

But you can realize it by changing a preference manually. Once you synchronize contacts, gmcont.your_account.aburi is created in prefs.js. Open Config Editor and change the value to moz-abmdbdirectory://abook.mab. Then open the add-on's option and enable the "Confirm before deteting contacts" option.

After you set up them, restart TB and synchronize contacts. You will see alert for deleting contacts. Uncheck all items in the alert and click OK. If you check them, all contacts will be gone from Gmail. Please take care.

Please don't forget the use is an illegal and serious problems may exist in the use.

> Also, in the Google Contacts extension, is there any way to set a line break as the address delimiter?
A line break can be used for the delimiter in 0.5b9. Input <BR> to the delimiter field in the option dialog.

h.ogi said...

To the post at December 18, 2008 5:59 PM

How many contacts do you synchronize? It will take many time if you synchronize many contacts. So, don't stop the process.

Michael S. said...

Using Google Contacts 0.5.10 and Thunderbird The extension doesn't properly handle blank fields in the address. For example:
Create a contact with Address line 1 as 123 Fake St and City as Springfield.
Sync contacts. In Gmail, contact address is listed as (if you are using ', ' as your delimiter):
123 Fake St., Springfield

Resync again.
In Thunderbird now, Address Line 1 is still 123 Fake St. but Address Line 2 is Springfield. When it first synced to Gmail, it should have been:
123 Fake St., , Springfield

Notice the extra delimiter. That way when it syncs back to Thunderbird and parses the address, it will see a blank field for Address line 2 and the address will sync properly.

I know that I could select to not sync Address line 2 but the problem is that for some contacts I need the extra address line and for some I don't.

Nicolas said...

thanks a lot for this great extension! I find it particularly useful.
There is unfortunately something that prevent me from using it as much as I would like.

I have 4000 contacts to synchronize between 5 computers. When I do so, I most of the time have the message "There is non-responding script, would you like to stop it or not?" I am therefore forced to stay in front of thunderbird and click continue every minute. On the slow machines, it even sometimes "never" stop because of the high memory usage (about 150 Mb)
Is there a way to stop this? To lower the memory usage, or to just let the script run alone?

I would very much appreciate any help you could give.

Thanks again for your great work!

OS: XP and Vista
Google Contacts 0.5.10
Extensions: Lightning and many dictionnaries

Bret said...

Until Google Contacts updated to 0.5.10 yesterday it was working great. Now, I get something about a script on the page not responding, and even repeatedly clicking Continue just repeats the message.

Windows XP
Google Contacts 0.5.10
Lightning 0.9
Provider for Google Calender 0.5.1

Tom K said...

Hello, I have additional feature request for "check and send" add-on to Thunderbird:

- Have an option under general/sending confirmation to optionally display a customized checklist of item that user wishes to check for. Like my checklist is:

- Should I copy someone else?
- Too wordy?
- Spell check?
- Am I answering all their points?

- Have an option for certain recipients - if they are recipients, to ask other questions. Like, If I am sending to John Doe or domain X - Should I also copy Mary Greene. Sometimes it is very important when sending to certain addresses, to be reminded that other people should be considered to be added.

Check and Send could be a really great add-in for helping catch all issues related to making e-mail mistakes. Especially politically incorrect ones!

h.ogi said...

To: Michael S.
Sorry for the late answer.

Inputting a white space for the addtional address field would be a workaround.

Can you try it?

h.ogi said...

To: Nicolas and Bret

Google Contacts does not assume such huge contacts. When you sync 5000 contacts, Google Contacts will receive about 50MB data. It is stored in a main memory and, as a result, Thunderbird consumes many memory. Moreover, the data is parsed and compared with Thunderbird cards to sync. It requires many times. While Google Contacts do these operations, it locks Thunderbird to forbid any operations for address books.

There is no solution for the issue but I'll address it in the next version. I'll post an article when it is available.

Anonymous said...

Hi H.Ogi,
could you please update the ca-AD locale included in Google Contacts with the ones found in BabelZilla? The current ca-AD locale includes obsolete files. Thanks!

h.ogi said...


Thank you very much for your work for ca-AD locale. I plan to update Google Contacts, which is under beta testing now. I'll bundle your latest files to the forth coming version.

stbenz said...

Hi. I installed Google Contacts for Thunderbird. But when I open the contacts, Thunderbird crashes with a Windows crash notification. After removing the Google Contacts addon I can open the contacts and some of my Google Contacts are in my contacts. But while the addon is installed I can't open my contacts.
My System:
- Windows Vista
- Thunderbird
- Google Contacts Addon 0.5.12
Other Addons:
- Lightning 0.9
- Provider for Google Calendar 0.5.1
- Thunderled

h.ogi said...

To: stbenz

Thank you for the information. I can reproduce the crash issue when I've not open an address book window since a profile was created. Does this condition matches with your case?

It is very difficult problem but I tried to fix it. Please try v0.5.50b7, which is available at my home page.

stbenz said...

I think that was not the case. I've done some testing and found this out:
After installing the Addon and the needed restart I can't open the address book. But if I don't open the address book after restart and close Thunderbird, Thunderbird crashes after the window disappeared. When I start Thunderbird then again, I can open my address book and the contacts are there. So at the moment I don't have a problem with the Addon.

h.ogi said...

Thanks for the reply. I think it shares the same problem as one I found.

Please post again if you find more details or other problems.

Benjamin said...


I use Gmail IMAP setup thanks for this great extension.

I have 2 gmail IMAP one configured manually other with your extension, and i love the "strike when delete message" how i can apply this to all my accouts ? (i do starred like this mail.server.serverX.gmailimap_starred).
Can i do same for the "strike option ?

Thanks you.

h.ogi said...

Thunderbird has a UI to set up the option. Open the Account Settings and select Server Settings in your Gmail account. You'll find "When I delete a message" option.

kbro said...

I have TB (20090302) and Google Contacts 0.5.50. I want my address info to get synced to my Google account so I have enabled Postal Address Conversion under Options and ticked all address fields in the Format section.

However, some of my addressed do not have an Address2 field. When these get synced to Google there is no record of this (e.g. double comma in the address field), so when the contact gets imported next time I start TB, all fields below Address2 get pulled up one line, corrupting the address information.

Maybe you could start converting fields from the end rather than the beginning, and push Address2 to Address1 if you don't find a match for Address1?

Pavlos said...

I used Maximize Pane with TB2 but have recently switched to TB3.2beta. Unfortunately the addon is no longer compatible...Do you intend to update it some time in the near future?

h.ogi said...

I don't plan to update Maximize Message Pane for Thunderbird3 because the tab functionality will be an alternative. Why do you think you need MMP for TB3?

Pavlos said...

First, thank you for the prompt reply. The reason I find Maximize Message Pane so useful is because it allows me to view a message in full screen with a single click. Namely, I can expand the email's viewable area both towards the left side (where the folders' pane is) and the right hand side (where the Lightning calendar is) with a single click. I can even select which panes I want MMP to hide. Unfortunately the tab functionality does not allow you to do this with a single click. Once you double click the message you want to view, the new tab preserves Lightning's space on the right side and this is relative limiting the viewable area.

h.ogi said...


Thanks for the report. I could reproduce it.

Please try v0.5.51b1 at my home page. This will fix the problem.

h.ogi said...


Thanks for the replay.

I understand your request. This may be a functionality to be added to my new extension: New Tab Button.

Anyway, to support TB3 or not will depend on features of TB3. I'll decide it finally when TB3 RC is available.

h.ogi said...

v0.5.51b1 has another problem. Please use v0.5.51b2.

Jan-Bennet said...

I added a new contact in thunderbird but don't get it sync'd to gmail contacts - y? :)

h.ogi said...

After you add a card to an address book, what the status bar says? If it says that "Google contacts was added", synchronization is successful. Otherwise, please let me know the message in the status bar and error message in the Error Console.

And when you add a card to an address book, not a mail list, it is added to all contacts in Gmail. Not a My contacts, which is initially selected. Please confirm it too.

IvanMarquez said...

Question..I can see all the information of my contacts on Gmail, however after syning with Tbird, it only downloaded name, e-mail, position, and tel. It did not sync street, zip code, contry etc...

Can you help?

Alex said...


We've just been trying out your Tag and Priority add-ons -- thank you!

Tags work great, and have helped our little office handle some more staff - though running out of colours :) I do wish Thunderbird could handle non-standard colours in Tags.

More importantly, the Priority add-on is very promising. But unfortunately it seems the priorities aren't written back to the mail server so they can be shared with other mail users? Would be GREAT if they could!

As a further vague idea - could be very useful to add custom/dynamic tags to emails .. e.g. client usernames. Might require some email-server support to maximise.



h.ogi said...

To IvanMarquez

Please compare fields in Gmail and Thunderbird carefully. Does Gmail contact has fields for street, zip, country etc?

By default, whole Gmail address is stored in Thunderbird address filed. If all Gmail contacts' address are written in the same format, you can specify the rule and fill the fields such as street. Please try Postal address conversion option.

h.ogi said...

To Alex

About tag colors. You can use any colors you want for tags if you don't mind using Config Editor.

Open Config Editor and input "tags" to the filter field. You will find prefs such as:

You can change color of a tag by modifying a value of mailnews.tags.XXX.color. You can set any color by using a color code.

About priority. By default, it only rewretes a summary file. It means it changes priority temporaly; if you rebuild index, all changes will be gone. If you want to rewrite deeply, right-click the message and invoke Priority->Commit command.

You can do it automatically whenever you change a priority by checking "Commit automatically" option in the option dialog.

Dayna said...

For thunderbird 3.x?

Andreas said...

There is a bug.
If the default groups are removed from Gmail, Coworkers, Friends, Family etc. Then re-added with the same name, the extension continually give a "Groupname list already exists" and refuses to sync.

It doesn't do the same for My Contacts.

This is because the extension mistakenly recreates on startup those groups every time Thunderbird is started. PLEASE FIX ASAP

h.ogi said...

To Dayna

Keep watching this thread.

h.ogi said...

To Andreas

Don't delete system groups. They are not removable groups. In order to fix the current situation, remove mail lists you re-added and sync again.

Andreas said...

the groups never get recreated on gmail when I do that. Anything added to TB in the existing groups dont properly synch. And they are continually recreated on thunderbird, yet, not properly synched. There is a bug.

I dont suggest you try it unless it is a trash account, but it is reproducible from here and repeatable.

h.ogi said...

As I posted system groups must not be removed and added. It is Google's limitation.

When you remove a system group (list in TB), Google's API ignores the operation. But if you add a group which has the system group name, the API creates a user group. Namely, if you add Friends group from TB, you'll see two Friends groups in Gmail.

Please login to Gmail and remove the duplicated user groups.

Andreas said...

The case isn't exactly what you just said.

The case is this.

I have no groups in Gmail.

I have no groups in TB, except for the default ones that are continually recreated every time the plugin is initialized. This is the problem.

I would like to recreate those groups in Gmail,(they were previously deleted) but when I create them in Gmail, I continually get a message about inability to sync to TB because the Groups Friends, Family etc already exist. (auto created on each startup)

h.ogi said...

> I have no groups in Gmail.
Gmail has system groups: My Contacts, Friends, Family and Coworkers; the names varies depending on your language setting. So, the statement is not true. You mean these system groups are removed in Gmail? It must not happen. If so, your contacts data is broken. I don't have any methods to fix it.

Andreas said...

Yes, this is the case.

I can create groups of the same name in Gmail, that work properly.

But TB continually gives me error synching these folders because they already exist.

So obviously they aren't exactly the same system folders.

Its all very frustrating.

h.ogi said...

It seems that Gmail holds system groups despite you cannot see them in Gmail.

The extension seems to retrieve the unseeable system groups and groups you created. So, it alert for duplicated lists since Thunderbird does not allow duplicated ones.

It's a problem in Gmail data, not in the extension. Logout from the Gmail session and then login again may be a solution. But I don't know how to solve the issue. You should contact with Gmail team.

Jaysonfire said...

Using Priority Switcher, I am winding up with a 2nd copy of a message when I change its priority. This only started happening recently. Any suggestions on how to avoid this?
Thanks very much

Anonymous said...

Something that'd be great in this plugin is an attachment size vs. mail server warning. If the attachment size is greater than the maximum known to be accepted by a recipient's freemail provider, a warning could be generated.

Cobalt said...

I'm having the same problem that Andreas is having, and your diagnosis seems correct: Gmail has hidden the "Family" and "Friends" system groups and allowing the user to create other groups with the same names, resulting in the error. If I rename the groups in question, the error disappears, but the system groups remain invisible.

I know this is not on your side of the equation, but would you be willing to help us sort this out?

h.ogi said...

To Cobalt

Do you remember what operations caused the problem? Google Contacts made the problem?

I don't have a solution for it so far. Updating the system groups by Google Contacts may change the situation.

h.ogi said...

To Jaysonfire

Please let me know more detail:
* Version of Thunderbird
* Version of Priority Switcher
* Error messages in the Error Console
* Other installed extensions
* Server type: POP, IMAP, Gmail IMAP etc
* Changes you did when the problem started

Cobalt said...

It probably /was/ caused by Google Contacts, because I very rarely log onto Gmail (I prefer Thunderbird/IMAP) and because Andreas sees the exact same thing I do. Perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling Google Contacts would help?

What do you mean "Updating the system groups by Google Contacts may change the situation."? That sounds promising.

Anonymous said...

Great add on, however I'm having a little problem with it.

Thunderbird version (20090302)
Google Contact 0.5.52

I have three google accounts I am synchornizing. 2 are gmail and 1 is a google apps account. When I add a contact to any of these address books the contact, upon the next sync the contact is deleted from the address book and does not show up in my google contacts.

Any ideas?

Jaysonfire said...

h.ogi wrote: Please let me know more detail


The duplication only happens when I change the priority via the dropdown box in the tool bar. If I change the priority by clicking on the icon in the message list, the duplication doesn't happen.

Also, the duplication only happens for my IMAP account, not my POP account.

* Thunderbird:
* Priority Switcher: 0.5.50

I have the following preferences checked for committing to X-Priority:
+ Save original message in Trash
+ Commit automatically
+ Only for the message on IMAP server

* Error messages in the Error Console: None
* Other installed extensions:
I can reproduce the problem with all other extensions disabled.

However, here are some possibly relevant ones just in case:
Lightning 0.9
TB Header Tools Extension 0.6.6

* Server type: IMAP

* Changes you did when the problem started:
Unfortunately, I don't remember whether I did something or not.

Steve said...

Hi H.Ogi,

first of all, well done! It is a very nice add-on.

I think I may have found a synchronization bug, but you could tell me more...

* OS: XP (SP2)
* version of an extension: 0.5.52
* version of Thunderbird:

Problem: It seems that a synchronization with Gmail only takes place when adding a contact to a group, not when deleting. My steps....
1. Add a contact to a group. It is visible in Gmail (internet-page) within a few minutes. Synchronization happens.
2. Delete a contact from a group, nothing happens in Gmail. no Synchronization.
3. Repeat 1. and 2. then restart TB. The contact reappears in the group in TB (because it was still in Gmail)
4. Repeat 1. and 2. then add 'any' another contact to the group. The group is synchronized with Gmail and the 'deleted' contact is removed.

Hope you have understood :o). Is there a work-around for this or is it something I need to do.

Extra info.
Under... Google Contacts-->Options-->Advanced-->
- Under Performance - nothing checked
- Mapping --> disabled.
- When delete a contact -->'Ask me an operation'.

Thanks for any help you could offer.


h.ogi said...

To Steve

Thank you for the report. I fixed it in 0.5.53. Please try it.

motwguy said...

How about an import option for Outlook that will map Outlook Categories to Google groups. This seems like such an obvious thing and I have seen other requests for this, and yet no one seems to offer it.

Kenneth said...

Would you consider to make Google Contact compatible with Postbox from this link: http://postbox-inc.com/extensions


Anonymous said...

How about a "Synchronize Now" button?

Anonymous said...

For Check and Send, how about a configurable countdown in seconds before automatically sending each message?

My mail server was running slow for awhile, and I found the delay was useful to make sure the email is complete. I stopped the sending of a few emails that weren't completely correct.

h.ogi said...

> How about a "Synchronize Now" button?
Use Reload button. You can find it in the toolbar palettes of the main window and address book window.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion:

Being able to synchronize contacts across multiple accounts such that the same card is added to all the address books and editing any one of the cards updates all of them.

Patrick said...

I'm using your google contacts sync thunderbird extension. First of all: it has a lot of potential! Great extension!

But there is a, I think big problem with the security. All the communication with google's address book goes over http without ssl. I took a look to your code. It should be very easy to add an option to enable ssl (https) or just change it by default to httpS.

Also I have a function request ;-)
There isn't any extension where you can define a pattern for the address field except yours. Thats great! But it would be perfect if you can define the mappings between google and google contacts sync. For example if you can map the google birthday field to the custom 1,2,3,4 field in thunderbird.
Keep on doing :-)


Israel Diéguez said...

Testing in Thunderbird 3.0 beta 3
Israel Diéguez

Gary said...

I am using the lastest built .55 and the latest TB 2. I'm trying to get all my mailing lists in TB to sync with the groups in Gmail. But when i copy in the mailing lists from another address book in TB, the next time i open TB i get a ton of alert windows saying xxx mailing list is not sync'd. When i log into gmail there are 10+ copies of each mail list/group in the contacts of gmail.

Any idea on what is causing this? Thanks

Hélio Nunes said...

First, congratulations on your GoogleContacts Extension. It is really useful and stable!

I would like to make my local addressbook obsolete, but I still need it because of ThunderBirthDay extension.

ThunderBirthDay uses MoreFunctionsForAddressBook, which provides birthday field, to populate a birthday calendar on Lightning. Everybody needs it, I think.

So, would be really great if your GoogleContacts could use some fields from MoreFunctionsForAddressBook (optionally, if installed), syncing it on Google. So we can either use ThunderBirthDay or Google's build-in "Contacts' birthdays and events". And much more...


Anonymous said...

I have been having the same problem with every version of Google Contacts I have tried (including the latest) across 2 linux distros (ubuntu & archlinux).

I keep getting and error saying there are duplicates of my lists and that they are no longer syncronized.

I have given up on this problem being fixed in the near future and have now returned to manually exporting/importing vcards and csv files :(

Please let me know if this problem ever gets fixed.

Mark said...

First, thanks for the Contacts extension and for supporting it!

Second, the problem Anonymous reported on December 1, 2008 9:12 AM, was caused by two things. First, having the Display Name filled but not the First and Last Name fields in Thunderbird. Second, Anonymous was not using Thunderbird's View/Display name view. The replacement of Name by truncated e-mail addresses happens on the Thunderbird side.

Third, how about having the extension update the Last Name and First Name fields in Thunderbird? It would allow sorting by last name on the T-Bird side. I think these correspond to the familyName and givenName in the google contacts api schema. Heck, why not use all the parts of the name element: http://portablecontacts.net/draft-spec.html#name_element. (When my iphone syncs with google, it plucks at least the familyName and givenName from google. This is very helpful to me.)

Thanks again.

a.t. said...

Hi. I am using the Thunderbird extension "Maximize Message Pane" and I like it quite a bit. It makes TB behave a little more like Eudora. Thanks for making it.

My issue is this: When I double-click on a message it opens the message full-pane, so far so good. Then when I close the pane to return to the message list, it has scrolled the selected message to the top of the message list instead of leaving it where it was.

I often open emails in the middle of the message list and want to return to that spot when I'm done reading. It's a hassle, after closing the message the selector bar is no longer where it was, it's at the top of the list.

Can this be fixed (or an option added) so that it leaves the message list as-is when opening/closing a maximized message pane? It would be nice if the scroll position were maintained.

Thank you.

a.t. said...

Oops, sorry I forgot the other details. My post is above about preserving message list scroll position when closing the maximized message pane.

I am using XP SP3, Thunderbird, Maximize Message Pane ver. 0.9.100.


a.t. said...

One more request now that I've been using the Maximize Message Pane for a while.

It would be nice if there were an option that would return the viewer to the message list when the current maximized message is deleted. Currently when you delete a message while viewing it maximized, it automatically displays the next message maximized. I'd rather go back to the message list.

And I believe perhaps what I've been calling the 'message list' is actually called the 'thread pane' but I'm not sure.

Thanks again.

Jan said...

There is a warning every time TB starts:
[Google Contacts] Create group: Meine Kontakte already exists. Skipped.

Windows XP

Jan said...

Firstname, Lastname are not synchronized. Fax is stored in Google but not loaded in TB.

Windows XP

Joel said...

Feature request! :)

I'd like a way to access the tag groups by keyboard shortcut. I think, since I have a few groups and other ppl might have many, that a key binding per group might be hard to achieve/too much to ask, but it would be nice if at least I could get the focus to the tag group drop down w/o using the mouse.

Also, I have KeyConfig extension, so maybe could be done that way. I wouldn't know where to begin writing the script for it, but maybe you could advise.

In any case, thanks much for a really cool and useful extension.

Robert said...

Love the feature, but found an issue. I use a Nextel phone and Google supports the field "Radio Phone". The field usually contains data like this "123*2453*234". However every contact that I have with a "Radio Phone" comes back with no phone numbers at all. I don't care if I don't have the "Radio Phone" field as long as I have the phone numbers. I'm sure it's probably the asterisks that are throwing the program off. If you could escape them in your program it would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

Joel said...

@ Joel (myself) 10/3/09 1:23am

Found my own answer using DOMi (and Keyconfig to implement). The DOMi is POWERFUL!

Anyway the following line of code in keyconfig will put the focus on the TTB Tag Groups dropdown:


hth someone else!

Jello said...

After installation of the addon on Thunderbird ( i get the message to raise the number of max. contacts: ok raise to 1000.

But then the german-message "Verbindung kann nicht hergestellt werden. undefined: undefined".

That means -> "Connection is not possible. undefined: undefined"

I took the reload-Button to the bar, pressing it -> same message.

Any idea?

Jello said...

Sry, forget the infos:

OS: WinXP Sp3

extension: Google Contacts 0.5.56


installed extensions: Additional Folders View, Change quote and reply format, Quick folders, Quicktext, Talkback, Toolbar Buttons.

themes: none

error messages in an error console: none

Hope you can help.

Anonymous said...

Tag Toolbar for Thunderbird

Great add-on! Thank you.

I would like to suggest the following feature:

- Auto-create filter rule while tagging.

That means I´m tagging an email from jdoe@jdoe.com and click a checkbox that says: in the future, automatically tag all emails from jdoe@jdoe.com with the selected tags.

You can do that using TB´s filter create rule, but it´s time consuming. Being able to do so from within the toolbar would be awesome.

Thank you!

Pete said...

Would it be possible to get that [GMail] Folder under the Inbox even if i have other folders / labels. I have quite many of those always need to search for the Sent folder from the bottom of my folder list.


Anonymous said...

First off, thank you for the Google Contact extension. Your work is greatly appreciated.

I recently had to re-import my contacts from backups. I then copied them by dragging/dropping them 1 at a time from the imported address book to the Google sync address book. Thunderbird apparently has a problem with copying multiple contacts at one time. Directly importing to the sync address book lost information, even in batch mode. I am able to work around those problems, since it is a 1 time thing to re-import all my contacts.

My problem is that in Thunderbird none of my mobile numbers show up, but they are shown in Google contacts and on my blackberry that I also sync with Google. So no information is lost, just not displaying in Thunderbird. The same contacts display correctly in TB if I reimport them to a different address book from backups, so I believe it is something in the sync with Google.

Running WinXP, Thunderbird 3.04b, Google Contacts 0.6a5. Settings are interactive, load at start, confirm delete, convert address, no pseudo email, reload hourly.

Unrelated, but a bother, when changing options for GC, the address string is wiped out if you don't remember to set it each time when editing some other option. It would be nice to have that read from the configuration and saved without having to remember.

Thanks again. -george

csingley said...

Hi, thanks for the great plugin. I've got a little issue with the postal address conversion. Entering contacts on Thunderbird, I check Conversion > "Convert postal address fields" > (check all). After syncing, Google contacts only shows Address 1 field (not Address 2 or any following field). This behavior is the same whether or not Address 2 is blank.

What am I doing wrong? TIA.

I'm running Google Contacts 0.5.56 on Thunderbird

Jens said...

I am using last Google Contacts with Thunderbird - really a great addon. Thank you very much for all your great work!

Maybe I can add one feature-request: I like the data-conversion for address-fields (Address1, ZIP, City, ...) from Thunderbird to Google (Address only). Perhaps you can add a similar feature for splitting the Contact name/Display name to Last name and First name?
As example:
Display Name: Last name, First name (splitting string: ", ").
BR, Jens

Chris said...

This is a great add-on!! Thank you so much for writing it.

Has Google changed its "no email" card creation policy? When I add people with my Palm Pre (automatically sync's to Google contact) and there is no email address, I get an entry in Google, but it will not download to Thunderbird.

You said Google would not allow contacts with no email, but I have quite a few in Google. I would love to have your add-on download those for me, even though they have only phone numbers!

Michael S. said...

Using Google Contacts 0.6b1 in Thunderbird 3.0 on Windows XP. I'm using a GAFYD account. On Google's side, I do not have the Coworkers, Family, & Friends groups. They have never been there since I started the account. Your extension lists these mailing lists though even though the groups don't exist, and if I add contacts to these list, the groups still don't show in Google.

If I add groups to Google with these names, I receive an error from your extension stating "Mail list Coworkers already exists. Coworkers in michael@[REDACTED].com is not synchronized." It seems as though the extension assumes the group is there even though it isn't.

Sebastian said...

I really love your google contacts plugin. Keeps everything in sync pretty well.
I would like to see a Feature of parsing first and last name (maybe middle name) to the corresponding fields in TB.
THX for all your effords.

fravelgue said...

I think it will be great. If we can set up an alert when there is some words in destination using. Similar to attachment. For example: hotmail

It is useful for no send messages to personal emails in work.

Dan Nelson said...

I recently installed the Google Contacts plugin and it is excellent. However, I am having a problem syncing between multiple computers with the same Google Apps Account. Basically, I create a contact group on one computer, then it syncs just fine to Google. Then I go to my other computer and make some modifications to the contacts and I start getting the Mail List xxxxx already exists. xxxx in xxx@xxxx.com is not synchronized.

Just to note, I also have the same problem earlier posters had with the three default Google groups, Family, Friends, and Coworkers.

If this issue can be resolved (not syncing my personal contact groups) I see no flaws in this plugin.

By the way, I am running Thunderbird 3.0.1 on Windows 7 Home Premium with the Google Contacts 0.6 addon with no themes.

Sebastian said...
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Sebastian said...

thanks for this great add on!
lists in thunderbird shows me only entrys that have a email adress. if i have contacts that have only a phone number or a post adress thunderbird list do not show this contact. in the gmail account this contact is existing in the group. any ideas to solve the problem?
when i change the name of a entry in thunderbird it is not syncronised in gmail account. is it possible to edit contacts in thunderbird and than sync.?

Michael S. said...

Using Thunderbird 3.0.1, Google Contacts 6.10: Birthdays don't sync properly with Google. Google contacts have a field for birthday information but any birthdays entered into Thunderbird get synced with a custom field in Google instead of the birthday field.

mhuizenga said...

I am using Google Contacts. It's great, except that some of my data is not in Thunderbird. For instance, none of the mailing addresses are there and sometimes the phone numbers are not in Thunderbird either. Therefore, I have to keep my iGoogle open, so I can search there if it's not in Thunderbird.
Any fix for this? Am I doing something wrong?

Eric said...

Your Tag Toolbar is a great thunderbird extension !
I've just a request for an evolution.
As I'm using a significative number of tags, I've grouped them.

Would it be possible to display the toolbar like a menu (as it is already for >>) ?

Groups and ungrouped tags may be shown as bar items and group tags listed as menu items,
or better as a second but dependant bar, or even better inside the bar itself ([G1 G2] becoming [G1 <T1 T2> G2] on G1 press, or [G1 G2 <T3 T4>] on G2 press).

Cheers from France,

Anonymous said...

When i delete a contact (from an google contact address book), no confirmation dialog is displayed (the contact is removed instantly).

# OS: Windows Vista
# version of Google Contacts: 0.6 (January 14th)
# version of Thunderbird: 3.0.3
# installed extensions : none
# installed themes: none
# error messages in an error console: none

MaxSGBR said...


1st: When I start the Thunderbird shows a dialog with: Mail list My Contacts already exists. My Contacts in my@gmail.com is not synchronized

2nd: The fields Birthday, Web Page (Work and Private) and Custom (1, 2, 3 and 4) didn't synchronize;

3rd: Where I used comma as address separator, the field values were misled exchanged (especially when I "accidentally" put a comma in one of the address fields). The better choice was use "Use a line break";



1st: I've no idea;

* For Birthday field use the same logic that you use to the adress [because Thunderbird use separated values (Birth Year, Birth Month and Birth Day) and Google use one value Birthday in format "YYYY-MM-DD" that is exactly the three values with the default separator "-"];
* Add this other fields in Google. Besides that could be placed in the preferences dialog the options for customizing field names of the "Custom" fiels;

3rd: Use the option "Use a line break" as the addon default;

# OS: Ubuntu Linux 9.10
# version of Google Contacts: 0.6.20
# version of Thunderbird: 3.0.4
# installed extensions : no other
# installed themes: none
# error messages in an error console: none

jensel said...

I am Using
WIN XP - with newest Thunderbird and Google contacts (newest)
WIN Mobile 7 - with Google sync via activesync server

not complete sync of Information, especially the mobile number - while the number is still existant in the Mobile Phone AND in Google@contact BUT NOT in Thunderbird even many resyncs doesnt do anything
(so same Problem as smb. else on oct,14 2009)

seems a wrong coordination between the headers ..while the correct google header for mobile number is
"Mobile Phone"
and for thunderbird ist "Mobil-Tel.-Nr."
Maybe its a language problem,

my download of the Contact file from google seems very chaotic, while there was old sync fields of zindus .. which opens and close with these tags < > ... and so on ..


Vorname,Nachname,Anzeigename,Spitzname,Primäre E-Mail,Sekundäre E-Mail,Anzeigename,Tel. dienstlich,Tel. privat,Fax-Nummer,Pager-Nummer,Mobil-Tel.-Nr.,Privat: Adresse,Privat: Adresse 2,Privat: Ort,Privat: Bundesland,Privat: PLZ,Privat: Land,Dienstlich: Adresse,Dienstlich: Adresse 2,Dienstlich: Ort,Dienstlich: Bundesland,Dienstlich: PLZ,Dienstlich: Land,Arbeitstitel,Abteilung,Organisation,Webseite 1,Webseite 2,Geburtsjahr,Geburtsmonat,Geburtstag,Benutzerdef. 1,Benutzerdef. 2,Benutzerdef. 3,Benutzerdef. 4,Notizen,

HEAD AND Example of Komma sep. Thunderbird

Inken,example,Inken example (example),,,,,,061000000,,,,somewhre nr 3,,Town,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Age,,,,,,,,

HEAD AND same Example of Komma sep. Google Contact Export

First Name,Middle Name,Last Name,Title,Suffix,Initials,Web Page,Gender,Birthday,Anniversary,Location,Language,Internet Free Busy,Notes,E-mail Address,E-mail 2 Address,E-mail 3 Address,Primary Phone,Home Phone,Home Phone 2,Mobile Phone,Pager,Home Fax,Home Address,Home Street,Home Street 2,Home Street 3,Home Address PO Box,Home City,Home State,Home Postal Code,Home Country,Spouse,Children,Manager's Name,Assistant's Name,Referred By,Company Main Phone,Business Phone,Business Phone 2,Business Fax,Assistant's Phone,Company,Job Title,Department,Office Location,Organizational ID Number,Profession,Account,Business Address,Business Street,Business Street 2,Business Street 3,Business Address PO Box,Business City,Business State,Business Postal Code,Business Country,Other Phone,Other Fax,Other Address,Other Street,Other Street 2,Other Street 3,Other Address PO Box,Other City,Other State,Other Postal Code,Other Country,Callback,Car Phone,ISDN,Radio Phone,TTY/TDD Phone,Telex,User 1,User 2,User 3,User 4,Keywords,Mileage,Hobby,Billing Information,Directory Server,Sensitivity,Priority,Private,Categories
Inken,,example (example),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,061000000,,01570000000,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Normal,,Meine Kontakte,

Cliff said...

System Stats:
Windows 7 64bit
TB 3.0.4

Love the plug-in!

It all seems to work properly for me with the following exceptions:

I have the option to generate pseudo email addresses but it doesn't seem to be doing that. Instead, contacts without emails aren't syncing at all. Since one of my primary uses of this plugin is to synchronize my desktop contacts with my Google Android phone so I will have many contacts that are Name and phone numbers only.

New Function:
I saw a previous request to map the Birthday field - I share this request

Cliff said...

A little more information to my previous post.

If I create a new contact in my desktop Google address book copy and do not specify an email address, it does sync over to Google's Internet copy. The problem I'm having is that if I drag/drop from my local TB address book to the desktop Google address book copy and that contact does not have an email address, they do not sync to the online Google copy. I used to sync TB with my Windows based phone so there are many contacts that are phone number only. I was hoping to use this method to move all my TB contacts to Google which would ten sync with my new Google based phone.

So I guess what is missing is assignment of a pseudo email address when a contact is "dropped" into the desktop google address book copy.

tim said...

I also agre with Cliff that the drag and drop feature of even one contact into Google does not get the pseudo email address and is there after not sent to Google or saved. A reload wipes out the contact.

george said...

Many addresses lost

I have Google contacts 0.6.20 and Thunderbird 3.0.4 and Windows XP.I added 2 gmail accounts to Google contacts. Then (in window addressbook) I move a contact from one addressbook to the other (with drag and drop). It displays correctly and on status line there is a message "contact was deleted in Google" (I use German version so this is my translation). Then I exit thunderbird and start it again. Now the moved contact has disappeared.

This way I lost many many contacts

george said...

Mailing List handling error

I have Google contacts 0.6.20, Windows XP and Thunderbird 3.0.4.
I move a contact from Personal Addressbook to a Mailing List in a Google account. It is visible. I exit Thunderbird and restart it. Now the moved contact isn't in Mailing List anymore.

If I do the same procedure but just move a contact from one mailing list to another (within the same Google account) then it works correctly.

george said...

Spurious error messages when starting Thunderbird with 2 google accounts

I have Google contacts 0.6.20 and Thunderbird 3.0.4 and Windows XP. I started with one goggle account and every thing worked fine. Then I added a second account and copied some addresses into it.

The I restarted Thunderbird and received many error messages that some mailing lists (contact groups) already existed and there were created lists with name like "Meine Kontakte:1". They were all created in the original Google account. There seems to be a conflict with same named Google contact groups. But some contact groups cannot be deleted in Google.

On later restarts these error messages didn't appear anymore.

Anonymous said...

Could we get the option to NOT sync Family, Friends, and Co-Workers?

I have a lot of different email addresses, address books, and mailing lists, so Google Contacts always gives me the message about a lit "already exists".

Michael S. said...

Contacts have wrong name:
Google Contacts 0.6.20
Thunderbird 3.0.4

I have several contacts that have the same email address as their spouses. If both people are in the same mailing list/group, Thunderbird show their names as the same in the mialing list and in the address book.

Can we get syncing of birthdays, please?

Lars said...

You might want to switch bug tracking software. You could open source the add on and put it on github.com. They have integrated bugtracker.

After installing your software, I get the following message every time I send an e-mail "Load Google Contacts before you update the address book". I click ok and the e-mail is sent. But it is a bit annoying.

Also, besides the initial import it has not synchronized my contacts since.

I am on Ubuntu 10.04 with Thunderbird 3.0.4.

Peterdk said...

Hi, works great. However, it does not sync the avatar images I have with some of my google contacts.

Would be great if you could add this!

george said...

I have Google contacts 0.6.30b3 and Thunderbird 3.0.4 and Windows XP. The photo sync works well.

I have two Problems.
1. Derive First/Last Name does not work for some accounts. First/Last name remains empty. I have no idea what could be the cause.
2. Web page address (in format www.xxx.ch ) is not filled in.

Phil said...

Ditto to Lars' comment on the 25/May, 2010, I am also getting the message "Load Google Contacts before you update the address book" each time I send email.

I am running TB 3.0.4 on Windows 7.

It didn't say this message when I first installed, but after a reboot of the machine it is now doing it.

h.ogi said...


It is fixed in v.6.32. Please try it.

Andreas P. said...

I have experienced the same problems as george posted on May 17, 2010. Contacts are lost (both from cloud and locally) when Thunderbird are restarted after drag and drop move between address books / mailing lists). I use Thunderbird 3.04 with contacts 0.6.20 on Ubuntu 10.04.

george said...

I uninstalled old version and installed 0.6.32 on XP with Thunderbird 3.0.4. I found the following two problems:

"website" was not synchronized at first few startups of Thunderbird. Then I went to Google contacts changed website type from privat to business and back, and now website is displayed.

only first eMail address is synchronized. I tried several combinations of eMail types (Privat, Business, Other) but get only one eMail address displayed.

Otherwise it works fine

george said...

Additional comment to what I sad yesterday.

I did systematic testing by creating an eMail account (filling out ALL fields) in Tbird on Ubuntu and found that everything was correctly synchronized to Google.

I did systematic testing by creating an eMail account (filling out ALL fields) in Google and found that everything was correctly synchronized to Tbird ubuntu.

With several, already existing contacts the synchronization was not correct (for some fields). I found that by reentering the data in Google, this problem disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Hi h.ogi
About the Check and Send add-on, would it be possible to add a test to prevent replying to an email where I was in Blind Copy? Using Gloda, for instance...

This would have saved me from a lot of awkward situations :)

Thanks a lot

laurent said...

I just test google contacts 0.6.32 with tb 3.1, and found 2 pb
(i have no other extensions)

* contacts are duplicated when adding then into mailing list (contact group). Ex : create a contact with firstname:a name:b email:a@b.com
Add it into a group. The contact now exist twice. If i reload from gmail, it now exist 3 time...
If i disable extension, no problem...

* If i create a contact with firstname including special character (chloé), it is impossible to upload it to gmail


bobdye@vintagefactor.com said...

The Google Contacts extension does not appear to handle email aliases (two names with the same email address) the way I would expect.

For example, suppose My Contacts has two entries:
Name a - a@xyz.com
Name b - a@xyz.com

These show up as 2 different entries in Google Contacts (My Contacts) and on my Android phone.

In the Thunderbird address book (top level) they show up correctly, but in the My Contacts list they show up as 2 instances of "Name b" (I think the last name in the list).

golfman8042 said...

I installed this app, but when it synced with my google contacts, it did not sync the address info correctly--put street addr and city in "address 1", and state and zip in "address 2."

Anything I did wrong?

For now, I uninstalled.

olenz said...

@golfman8042: In the addons's preferences in the tab "Conversion" you can change how the address is handled.
The reason for this behavior is probably that Google Contacts do not distinguish between Zip, State, etc., and so it has to write down the address in a predefined way. How an address is written down correctly is highly dependent on where you come from, therefore you have to specify this manually.

olenz said...

I just got a message at the Google Mail page that Google contacts are now split into first and last names.

I believe that this is very nice for the Google Contacts addon, as it does not have to guess first and last names anymore.

Anonymous said...

Latest version, if I add for ex. a phone # in TB, and google doesn't have it, when I restart TB the phone number is gone. Also put various cards in the google folder in the TB address book, which weren't in google, and they vanished the next time TB was opened.

In short, looks like I can sync from google to TB, but never TB to google. I thought it was supposed to be both ways? Any trick I'm missing here?

That was the only reason I wanted to use that addon as I had my contacts in TB.

Anonymous said...

forgot to add, I am using a google domain (eg. joes.com obtained vu google), not gmail, if that makes any difference to the issue above of not syncing TB to google.

Anonymous said...

last one from me - I ticked "load contacts at startup", now it seems to work (ie. if I update in TB or add a card in the TB address book now the changes show up in google). Not sure why - but what is sure is that it wasn't working before, I had to reload 20 or so cards from an earlier backup.

Peter said...

Feature request regarding postal addresses in google contacts:
I am using contacts only from Thunderbird and from my Android Mobile.

For me (and for everyone else who is using google only for storing and retrieving contacts) it would be helpful if you add an option to use the "structured postal addresses" fields in the google contact api. This way, the detailed info street, country, zip-code etc. could be preserved.

See also: http://code.google.com/intl/de/apis/gdata/javadoc/com/google/gdata/data/extensions/StructuredPostalAddress.html

Yoann said...

Tag Toolbar : More display options

Hello, I would like to be able to have on my toolbar the tags and category I choose, now it's only categories or all tags and that's not very handy when you have a lot of tags.

It would also be good to be able to set the display/undisplay of the tag search and the recent used tags menu so only the tags and categories I chose are displayed.


Occam said...

Thanks for this addon. I found that only the first of multiple cellphone numbers is imported, can anyone confirm this? In addition, apparently also the addresses and birth dates are not imported, but I have to study this further.

Occam said...

I confirm, addresses are not imported

Occam said...

I found the problem: when addresses are defined as "Other", they are not displayed in Thunderbird.
Solution: define each address as either Home or Office.

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