Apr 12, 2008

Tag Toolbar 0.7.10

Tag Toolbar 0.7.10 is available for download now. The key feature that is added in this version is a multiple tag toolbar. One or more toolbars are added when a tag toolbar overflows. In order to use this functionality, specify maximum number of tag toolbars in advance.

Basically, I released new version after it had been approved by AMO reviewers. However, they seems to be busy for reviewing add-ons which support Firefox3. I submitted it about 2 weeks ago, but it is still waiting for approval. So, I decided to release it only on my Homepage. Thus, it is not updated automaticall yet; please download it and install manually. If you don't want to do it, please wait until it is approved by AMO.

Changes from previous version, Tag Toolbar 0.6.20, are as follows:
  • Added: add a new toolbar automatically when a tag toolbar overflows (set maximum number of toolbars before you use this functionality)
  • Added: a button/menu to add/remove all tags in a category
  • Added: the category editor shows a query of a saved search category
  • Added: a tooltip of a saved search category shows a query of it
  • Fixed: the category editor is too narrow in some languages
  • Fixed: some icons are missing in some themes
  • Fixed: unnecessary updates of a tag toolbar on startup of Thunderbird
Thank you for your joining for the beta test and useful feedbacks!


Anonymous said...

I love the tool.
However, I can't seem to search.
Is it possible to search for all email messages that are tagged important? Can I search for all RED tags? Or emails tagged important and work?
I've saved a category with the tags but I can't seem to find a way to "execute" the search- no GO. Enter seems to simply tag whatever message has the focus.
I'm guessing this is silly user error- please help.

h.ogi said...

Tag Toolbar doesn't have a functionality to search messages; it only have one to search tags.
So, use Thunderbird's search functionality for seraching emails tagged important and work.

You can find all red tags by the followings:
1. select "All" category
2. click the "Search Tags" toolbar button or choose the "Search Tags" in the context menu of Tag Toolbar
3. click the rectangle near the text box
4. choose red color

You will see all red tags in the toolbar. If you click the folder icon next to the color rectangle, the query is saved as a category.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, just what I was looking for. Now I have used it, I wonder whether some other 'markings' (I use a lot) could be added on the bar:
- Mark folder read
- Mark as read (it's a toggle between read/unread )
Both appear on aright click on a folder/message
I appreciate that these are another class of markings, still would be nice to have on-click access to them
Thanks for the great toolbar

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