Jun 29, 2008

Priority Switcher 0.5

Priority Switcher 0.5.00 is available for download now. It includes the following new functionalities:
  1. Added: option to enable/disable changing priority by clicking on a priority icon in the thread pane
  2. Added: option to warn before deleting starred messages
New strings are not translated; they have been translated by translator at BabelZilla. I'm going to release 0.5.10 when the translation is done.

Jun 22, 2008

Update: Google Contacts 0.2.60

Google Contacts 0.2.60 is available for download now. It inclues the following fixes:
  • Fixed: Screen Name/Instant Messaging is not synchronized
  • Fixed: Changes of some card fields do not invoke synchronization

Jun 16, 2008

Update: Google Contacts 0.2.50

After I've released v0.2.40, I found a few problems in the version. v0.2.50 fixes the following bugs:
  • Fixed: Mail lists which were deleted but is created now are not created.
  • Fixed: An error message appears when a message sending is done.
  • Fixed: Some debug messages are removed.
Please let me know if you find any other problems.

Jun 15, 2008

Update: Google Contacts 0.2.40

Google Contacts 0.2.40 is available for download now. This version includes fix of serious crashing bugs. So, please update it as soon as possible if you use v0.2.xx series.
  • Fixed: Thunderbird will crashes when Google contacts are retrieved manually.
  • Fixed: Thunderbird will crashes when a mail list is selected.
  • Fixed: Duplicated mail lists are created.
  • Fixed: A card is not added to a mail list when the card is dropped on the list in the address book tree.
  • Fixed: A card is removed from an address book when it is remove from a mail list.
  • Added: Show alert to specify the maximum number of contacts at the first time after the extension was installed.
  • Added: Reload button in the messenger window is enabled again.

Jun 6, 2008

Update: Google Contacts 0.2.30

Google Contacts 0.2.30 is available for download now. It includes the following fixes:
  • Fixed: cannot detect Gmail account if user name or server name have ever been changed
  • Fixed: fails to retrieve contacts if user name does not include domain name
These fixes would solve the problem of the empty address books. If you have ever tried the extension but been given up due to the problem, try it again!

Jun 4, 2008

Update: Tag Toolbar 0.7.40 and Google Contacts 0.2.20

Tag Toolbar and Google Contacts have been updated.
These are bug fix releases so I recommend all users to update.

Tag Toolbar 0.7.40:
  • Fixed: tagging does not work if you open a messeger compose window from address book window
Google Contacts 0.2.20:
  • Fixed: dupulicated cards are created if the address belongs to mail lists

Jun 2, 2008

Google Contacts 0.2.10 supports contact groups now!

Google has started to provied new APIs to manage contact groups in Google Contacts. Google Contacts 0.2.10, which is available for download now, maps Google's contact groups to Thunderbird's mail lists. As previous versions updates cards/contacts interactively, lists/groups are synchronized.

Moreover, you can store Thunderbird specific card items to Google a contact. This is achieved by using new Google APIs for extended properties. These properties are not shown in Gmail but you can see them everywhere if you access them by Thunderbird with the extension.

The new APIs includes another interesting features: support for contact photos. This is not implemented yet in the extension because TB address book card does not include photos.

This version includes many changes from the previous versions. But it is not tested enough and it may involve serious problems. So, don't forget to backup your Google contacts. And please let me know if you find any problems.

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