Jun 2, 2008

Google Contacts 0.2.10 supports contact groups now!

Google has started to provied new APIs to manage contact groups in Google Contacts. Google Contacts 0.2.10, which is available for download now, maps Google's contact groups to Thunderbird's mail lists. As previous versions updates cards/contacts interactively, lists/groups are synchronized.

Moreover, you can store Thunderbird specific card items to Google a contact. This is achieved by using new Google APIs for extended properties. These properties are not shown in Gmail but you can see them everywhere if you access them by Thunderbird with the extension.

The new APIs includes another interesting features: support for contact photos. This is not implemented yet in the extension because TB address book card does not include photos.

This version includes many changes from the previous versions. But it is not tested enough and it may involve serious problems. So, don't forget to backup your Google contacts. And please let me know if you find any problems.


Jügen said...

Hi. Thunderbird address book does not feature user pictures, this is true. But there is a extension that is a must-have for Thunderbird that will give you Userpictures, Birthday fields and a lot more.

check it out and maybe this will enable you to sync user pictures.

h.ogi said...

To: Jügen

Managing pictures is one of features in a future release. But Google Contacts have serious problems in performance and stability. I'm going to address them first.

Anonymous said...

Hi -- I am very glad to have this add-on, but there is one problem with the way you support Google Contact Groups. You use the Thunderbird mailing list to record the Contact Group. However, Thunderbird will not add a contact to a mailing list if it does not have an E-mail address. Google Contacts do not have to have an E-mail address to be in a group.

The MoreFunctionsForAddressBook add-on provides a Category feature. If you were to require that add-on, you could then support the Category feature for Google Contact Groups.

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