Oct 3, 2010

Validating Google Contacts Data

Google Contacts will fail to retrieve contacts from Google server if it contains invalid contacts. It is very difficult to find out such contacts from a lot of contacts.

So, I've created a simple validating tool for contacts data. If you cannot retrieve contacts from Google server, please try it by following steps below:
  1. Download and install the tool
  2. Add "Verify XML" button to a toolbar
  3. Open ConfigEditor and create boolean preference "gmcont.dump_raw_xml" and set it true
  4. Reload contacts by Google Contacts
  5. Click "Verify XML" button
  6. Click "Choose" button in the opened form
  7. Select
    • GoogleContacts/[email address]/contacts/[date] directory for contacts
    • GoogleContacts/[email address]/groups/[date] for groups
    * [date] directory does not exist v0.6.33 and before
    • Click OK
    • Invalid contacts will be listed. Confirm their values at Gmail etc. You can see raw data (XML) by clicking "View source" button with selecting a contacts.


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for your good works!
    Now we are starting to use it.
    Now, I do not understand where I must set the flag at point 3.
    Can you help me?


    h.ogi said...

    v0.6.35 has UI to set the preference.
    Open option and enable "Dump raw XML sent from Google server" in Experimental tab.

    RabanePaco said...

    Validating Google Contacts Data doesn't seem to work with Firefox 5.0. Err. Msg: something about incompatibility.

    Arky said...

    Cant install the Utility neither in TB 6.0.2 nor FF 6.0.2, what can I do ?

    I already posted on the main thread about your addon stating my issue.

    The addon creates the addressbook but doesn't retrieve any contact form gmail.

    h.ogi said...

    Create "extensions.checkCompatibility.6.0" as boolean and set it to false by Config Editor. It ignores compatibility checks.

    And "Ignore invalid contacts" option in Experimental tab may solve the issue. It skips contacts having problems.

    h.ogi said...

    The utility only works for Thunderbird. You cannot install it to Firefox.

    Jay Duff said...

    The tool is not compatible with TB 10.0.2 and won't load.

    h.ogi said...

    This tool does not help debugging with recent Thunderbird. It is obsolete.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Carolina said...

    Hi! I have this problem
    Script: chrome://gmcont/content/gmcont_entry.js:155 when th starts. What I´ve to do?

    Unknown said...

    Hi, i have installed google contacts but I cannot get them to sync to google contacts. I am getting mail ok on IMAP.

    Any ideas?

    Unknown said...

    I have found what i did wrong. I thought I could configure it to run from my "contacts" folder. It wont, you need to point it to Google contacts - a new folder.

    I then exported my contacts to google in CSV format - and hey presto - it all updated on my phone, Laptop (thunderbird) and google which is now syncing from any direction.

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