Jun 15, 2008

Update: Google Contacts 0.2.40

Google Contacts 0.2.40 is available for download now. This version includes fix of serious crashing bugs. So, please update it as soon as possible if you use v0.2.xx series.
  • Fixed: Thunderbird will crashes when Google contacts are retrieved manually.
  • Fixed: Thunderbird will crashes when a mail list is selected.
  • Fixed: Duplicated mail lists are created.
  • Fixed: A card is not added to a mail list when the card is dropped on the list in the address book tree.
  • Fixed: A card is removed from an address book when it is remove from a mail list.
  • Added: Show alert to specify the maximum number of contacts at the first time after the extension was installed.
  • Added: Reload button in the messenger window is enabled again.

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