Jul 28, 2008

Google Contacts 0.3.00 can manage offline changes now

Google Contacts 0.3.00 is available for download now. It can submit changes you did offline when you reload contacts. Moreover, a new synchronization mode, Batch mode, is added. You can change mode in the option dialog. There are two mode: Interactive and Batch. Interactive mode will submit changes immediately; it is the same as the prevous versions' behaviours. Batch mode will not submit changes immediately; it submit them when you reload contacts.

Before you use the Batch mode, you have to reload contacts without offline changes after it is installed. The reloading is required only once after the installation; it records last modified date for each cards and groups in order to decide which is newer: Google and Thunderbird.

If you find any problem in synchronization, please let me know. A synchronization is very complex so tell me operations to reproduce a problem.

It includes many changes. If you do not need offline support or need more stable one, use v0.2.90.

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