Aug 12, 2008

Google Contacts 0.3.20

Google Contacts 0.3.20 is now available for download. It fixes the following serious problem. Please update if you use 0.3 series.
  • Fixed: all contacts in Gmail will be removed when you reload contacts
It does not happen if you have ever reloaded contacts by 0.2.90 or 0.2.100.
Anyway, please don't use 0.3.00 and 0.3.10 anymore.


Anonymous said...

It only downloaded 25 contacts. So I increased the limit to 999 and restarted thunderbird. It didn't get any more.

So I removed all the entries from prefs.js, and deleted the address book, to start again. On start up t prompted me to choose which accounts to use and I set 999 straight away. Now it downloads nothing.

How can I get it to download the contacts again? Where is the 'reload' button mentioned in the FAQ?

h.ogi said...

When you deleted the address book, the accounts were set not to synchronize anymore. Open the option dialog and check your accounts in the Accounts section.
After you set up the maximum number and accounts to be synchronized, restart Thunderbird.

Reload buttons are not added automatically. Right click the toolbar and select Customize.
You'll find the Reload button.
The buttons are in the both main and address book windows.

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