Aug 24, 2008

Google Contacts 0.3.30

I've uploaded Google Contacts 0.3.30. It includes the following new features:
  1. Progress meters appear while synchronizing contacts
  2. Confirm deletion when synchronizing offline changes
The 1. is added to notify a user of the end of synchronization. Synchronizations may take some time ; it depends on conditions of your network, amout of data, load of Google, etc. If you edit address books while the addon synchronizes, it may fail. So, don't modify address books while the progress bars appear in the status bars of main (messenger) window and address book window.

The 2. feature is disabled by default. You can enable it by the option dialog. When the addon apply offline changes, it deletes some items. It judges them based on the last updated dates of them. However, the judgement is very difficult and it is impossible to do perfectly. In order to avoid wrong deletions, it asks a user items to be deleted by a popup. Uncheck items you don't want to delete.

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