Oct 25, 2008

Gmail IMAP Account Setup 1.6

I've received many request to add a locale switching functionality. Moreover, many users failed to set up Gmail IMAP due to a mismatch between Thunderbird and Gmail language settings. So, I've implemented the locale switching in Gmail IMAP Account Setup 1.6.

"Language of Gmail" setting is added in the first page of the account setup wizard. This option is enabled when you choose "Gmail IMAP" or "Gmail IMAP (Google Apps). The locale which is the same as the one Thunderbird uses is showed by default. If it differs from Gmail's language setting, choose the correct locale. For example, select "en-US" if your Gmail setting is US English. If your locale is not showed in the list, it is not supported so far. The locale switching requres restart of Thunderbird. Continue the account setup after Thunderbird was restart.

Newly added strings have not been localized yet because v1.6 is an experimental release.
Please let me know if you find any problems.


phe said...

Hello and thanks for adding the switch-locale-functionality.

Unfortunately it still doesn't work in a proper way.

Having installed a fresh thunderbird GERMAN on Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex, I tried to set up an english GMAIL-Account.

It failed with the message, that I had to create Drafts etc. (german message like "Einige Ordner konnten nicht erzeugt werden" appeared) manually.

After this I tried to create a german Gmail-Account. He asked to restart thunderbird when trying to change the local - everything worked fine.
After this, TB was restarted to "reset" the internal locale.

When I than tried to recreate the english account (after deletion), I wasn't able anymore to switch the locale. He asked me to restart TB, but when I wanted to continue, the locale was still on german by default and switching to english forced the restart and still the german locale was selected :-(.

What can I do, to help you improving this matter?

thanks a lot,

Jon said...

I've managed to setup my account manually because the plugin failed to set it up for me.

Is there anyway for me to change the folder icon manually?

phe said...

Hi again!

I now tried this addon in a windows environment and found it working correctly.

So the problem may be due to the operating system. I also had the impression that the addon "locale switcher" didn't work properly.

Hope, you can figure out and solve the problem, thanks,

h.ogi said...

I've uploaded v1.6.10b2. It will fix the locale switching problem.

Can you try it, phe?

h.ogi said...

To: Jon

See the FAQ and try Q7.

phe said...

Hi h.ogi,

unfortunately no success.

What I did: Start TB (german version), set up a german gmail-account (worked properly), tried to set up an englisch one --> Message appears, telling that the folders cannot be created (message appears in german - if this tells you anything?).

btw: After the error message appeared, the standard locale remains to "en-US" and doesn't return to be "de-DE" (because it doesn't restart after the error-message).

I also found now, that in the Windows-Version after choosing "en-US" the standard-Email-Extension on the next page is "gmail.com", but in the Linux-Version, this next page shows "googlemail.com", what is the standard for the german GMAIL. Maybe this leeds to this mibehaviour? Seems, that the extension simply forgets its locale-entry from first setup-page to the second page.

In fact, when TB is asking for the passwords on startup, he also uses the "wrong" domain "googlemail.com" instead of "gmail.com" for the en-US-accounts.

In fact, this doesn't matter for the simple IMAP-access (wich works), but shows, that the extensions may have the problem of remembering the right local when trying to set up the "special" folders.

I think we are close to the final solution! Good luck,

Anonymous said...

I prefer to set "[Gmail]" or "[Google Mail]" as IMAP server directory in the advanced server preferences. That removes the clutter.

h.ogi said...

To phe:

I still cannot reproduce the issue. I tried the following. Is it the same as you did?

1. Start TB with de-DE locale setting
2. Open account wizard from File->New->Account
3. Choose Gmail IMAP (locale shown at bottom of the wizard is de-DE)
4. Setup German account
5. Cancel restart of Thunderbird
6. Open account wizard from File->New->Account
7. Choose Gmail IMAP and change the locale at bottom of the wizard to en-US
8. Restart Thunderbird
9. Choose Gmail IMAP again (locale shown at bottom of the wizard is en-US)
10. Setup English account

phe said...

I tried again.

Set up a new TB-Account (in my DE-Thunderbird), imported gmail-setup-beta2 addon, relaunched and the "default" setting was on "en".
I tried to set up an english account (in the second screen, there appeared "googlemail" instead of "gmail" as the Email-Adresse-Extension) --> TB set up some things and then broke down with the "cannot create ...folders...create them manually" (message text in german).

Tried to set up a german account - changed locale to DE-de and in the following screen, when Email-Adress is asked, there is the "googlemail"-extension, as expected.
All the setup goes well.

To sum up:
- using Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, including all updates, Thunderbird
- account in the original (installation) language of TB (or maybe the whole OS?) works perfect
- when trying to change the locale, the addon won't create the Trash etc. folders.

My remark: After changing the locale (and restarting TB), the second setup-page of the extension doesn't show the right domain-extension!
en-US would require gmail.com
de-DE would require googlemail.com

I only do get googlemail.com, unindependentyl from the locale setting I did on the page before!
This leeds to my conclusion, that the addon doesn't remember the locale setting which was chosen on the first setup page.

How can I provide more information to help you? Screenshots?

thanks a lot,

h.ogi said...

Thanks for the rapid reply.

It is much appreciated if you would show me some screenshots.

Maybe, some wrong settings are remain due to the problems of the previous version. So, please try the following:
1. open Config Editor and reset gimapisp.temp_state and gimapisp.switch_locale if exist
2. download v1.6.10b3 and install it
3. setup accounts

Anonymous said...

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