Sep 12, 2010

Beta test for Google Contacts 0.6.33

Beta test for Google Contacts 0.6.33 has started and v0.6.33b2 is now available. It includes the following changes:
  • Fixed: progress bar does not stop when connection error is occurred
  • Fixed: cannot read postal address if postal address conversion is disabled
  • Fixed: adjust group mapping setting dialog size
  • Fixed: group names in the group mapping option are collapsed when a scroll bar appears
  • Fixed: cannot modify system groups in batch mode
  • Fixed: cannot change list name in interactive mode
  • Added: sync first and last names
  • Added: sync phonetic first and last names (yomi)
  • Changed: add suffix to a list name if it conflicts with another list
  • Changed: remove Derive first and last name from display name option

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