Nov 2, 2010

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b4

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b4 is now available. It includes the following new features:
  • Always show small icon in Tag Toolbar:
    If the it is enabled all toolbar icons in Tag Toolbar are shown with small icons regardless the original toolbar's setting. It is enabled by default.
  • Hide tags row in header view:
    When you show Tag Toolbar with text mode, it is redundant to displaying tags both Tag Toolbar and message header view. This option hide tags row in the header view even if tags are added to a selected message like the following image. It is disabled by default.

The features can be enabled/disabled in the option dialog. See the image below:

This beta also includes a bug fix which was reported by Marco:
  • [Fixed] Cannot add tags to sent message on IMAP:
      It would happen when saving a sent message takes some time. So, it would occur if you store profile into network drive, too. Thanks,


Marco said...

Tagging of sent messages (reply or new message for example) still does not work for me with this release. It works OK on my setup with version 8.21.

klint said...

I got some emails saved *and* sent as MIME plain source!
but then with a visible X-tag entry (or something named like that).

h.ogi said...

To Marco

I've uploaded v0.8.30b5. Can you try it?

IGraham said...

using version 8.30b5
installed because I wanted to tag sent emails.
As a test I sent an email to myself
Sent email in sent folder is tagged
Received email isn't tagged.
Am I missing something or is this how its supposed to work or a bug
Thanks for the effort, as it is it does what i need, the sent email retaining the tag would be an extra

h.ogi said...

To IGraham,

In order to add tags to an outgoing message, you need to click the clip icon in your tag toolbar.

Did you do that?

IGraham said...

Now i get it
select tag then attach tag
that works

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