Jan 10, 2011

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b6

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b6 is now available. In this beta, an extra option is added: changing background color of tagged messages in the thread pane. You can enable this function by checking "Change background colors of tagged messages" in the option dialog. Background colors are changed after restarting Thunderbird.

I'm glad if you like this new function. And if you have any suggestion for it, please let me know.


klint said...

hi h.ogi
Happy New Year to you and thanks for the update

But again, I'm not able to tag the saved copy in the "Sent copies" (I' not using the regular "Sent" fodler) when sending messages, even by using the clip (but I suppose that one has to use TB to read the message and have the tag appear on the recipient's end?)
No spur of a X-Tag either.

And a last question: is the problem about mails saved and sent in plain MIME solved?

Thanks again :)

h.ogi said...

Hi klint

I've uploaded new beta: v0.8.30b7. Can you try it?

Art Main said...

Hot Dog!! U Rock!

Thank you soo much for this addon. I've been stymied with confusion on why TB doesn't have this capability already and I've been searching for this for well over 12 years now (well, not searching all that hard obviously).

Your addon does everything I needed it to do. Control the tag background color (on ALL tags even customs, thank you..) as well as control the text color itself. The default TB tags were basically worthless, because in a huge list of emails (which is why you would need some tagging anyways), the coloring for the text just blends right in with every other message header.

Well, long story short, you just made my evening, maybe even my whole month :)

Word and thank you again

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