Jun 20, 2011

Compatibilty test for Thunderbird5

Compatibility test is finished.

Now beta versions of my extensions, which can be installed to Thuderbird5, are available. No new features are added to them, except for Google Contacts. Google Contacts includes changes in postal address synchronizing; it supports structured one now.

The betas for the following extensions are available in my homepage. Please try them and let me know if you find problems.
  • Google Contacts
  • Tag Toolbar
  • Maximize Message Pane
  • Priority Switcher
  • Check and Send
  • New Tab Button
  • Get before Send
  • Evernote Tab


Jeff said...

Do you have an ETA as to when the updated version of Google Contacts will be released?

h.ogi said...

I can't say the day new GC is released so far since current beta includes significant changes and need more tests.

GC 0.6.35 seems to work with TB5. So, I changed max version to 5.* in AMO. Donwload v0.6.35 from AMO and re-install it.

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